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How to Plan an Awesome Kids’ Birthday Party – Guest Post

Organizing a kid’s birthday party can be one of the most fun and frustrating experiences a parent can have. Send invites, prepare food and games, and choose party favors. They all sound so simple, but there’s a lot of planning and work to do to organize a birthday party and, most importantly, make it awesome. Let these steps guide you when throwing an amazing birthday party for your child.

Send Invites Way ahead of Time

Give guests ample time to prepare for and RSVP to the party by sending your invites ahead of time. With this, you can also complete the guest list early on and know how much food and how many party favors you need to prepare.

Instead of the traditional invitation cards, you can send an e-invite via email or social media to save time, money, and effort. E-invites also make it easier for your guests to confirm their attendance and get in touch with you in case they have questions.

Check out these birthday invitation templates to make creative and well-designed e-invites.

Let the Kids Get Involved

Since it’s a party for children, your kid should be the best person to consult about all the fun and exciting things that these little people love to do. That’s why you should get kids involved in planning and organizing the party.

Let them choose the theme and ask their input about the decorations, food, games, and party favors. If you’re going DIY, allow the kids to help with making the decorations. They can also write on the invites if you’re sending paper cards instead of e-invites. They can also go with you to shop for party supplies and favors.

Set a Theme

Parties are fun, but themed parties are even more so. That said, set a theme for your child’s birthday party. Better yet, let the birthday celebrator choose one. With a theme, you can narrow down your décor and party-supply choices. And the children can have lots of fun dressing up in costumes.

Check out these birthday-party-theme ideas that your kids will love.

It’s not an awesome party without an amazing decor. It’s only when you get the decoration on point when it truly feels like a party, especially when it’s a themed party. Do your research, and look for lots of decor inspirations and ideas for a specific theme. That way, everything—from the balloons and the banner down to the food and favors—will match the theme your child chose.

Prepare Fun Activities and Games

A kid’s birthday won’t be complete without fun activities and games. Prepare several party games to keep the children entertained throughout the party. Try the classics, like musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, sack race, and piñata.

If games are your kid’s thing, you can prepare activities like face painting, kid-friendly science experiments, or bonfire and movies. You can also hire a mascot or professional “princess” or “superhero” to liven the party and make it more exciting.

Choose Amazing Party Favors

Party favors are like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They’re the final treat after the fun and exciting event. The best way to end an awesome party is to top it off with the perfect party favors.

Collectibles are the go-to party favors for kids, but you can get creative with unique favor items: science/art kits, snacks from other countries, and coloring books. Make your party favors stand out with custom made boxes that has attractive, theme-appropriate and kid-friendly designs.

An Unforgettable Birthday Experience

Make the birthday an unforgettable experience for your kid and their friends by organizing an awesome birthday party. Fill the day with yummy food, creative decorations, and exciting activities, prizes, and party favors. When your child grows older, they can look back fondly on the experience.