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Portugal is Europe’s forgotten country – once the seat of a large empire, it’s a nation that faces stubbornly out over the Atlantic Ocean towards distant lands, as if it’s a little disinterested in the goings-on in the continent to which it’s attached.

Nonetheless, Portugal is a country of rich textures, exciting cuisine and stunning vistas that’s sure to keep every family happy. In fact, it’s a country that very much epitomizes the very best of Europe – with beaches making way for landscapes of green nourishment and, deep within its ancient cities, a culture that’s cosmopolitan, accepting, and boisterously passionate.

Here’s how you can plan your trip to Portugal with your family.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of places to base your family during your trip to Portugal. One option is to rent a car and travel daily from a villa of your choosing to explore what is a relatively small country. This option is often favoured by families – allowing them to make themselves at home across the course of their vacation – and means that you’ll only have to book one place to stay. Holidays in Algarve is a great place to start your search for the ideal villa – far removed, if you wish, from the crowds, and with all the facilities you’ll need to make the most of your time away.

What to Do

Portugal has enough in terms of sights to keep a busy family occupied for several months, so a trip here is all about narrowing down your options to those that you feel are most family-friendly.

In order to keep grown-ups and little ones happy, plan your days around activities that take in culture while also providing enough fun. For instance, you might:

  • Take in a seaside town with galleries before relaxing for an afternoon on the beach
  • Hike into the mountains to find a traditional restaurant
  • Take a boat off the coast, and participate in water sports
  • Check out the main museums in the cities, before retreating to a water park

Before you fly to Portugal, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the best places to visit – and to organize a hire car – so that your family isn’t left high and dry after attempting a day out.

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Trip Planning Essentials

All trips abroad – and especially those with your family – require some smart and fastidious planning in order to make sure your vacation goes off without so much as a blip. You’re going to need to book your flights, hotels, villas and transportation beforehand, with print-outs to carry with you at all times. Make sure your travel documents are all in order – including valid passports and that all-important travel insurance. This is super important when travelling on holiday to Portugal.

You should also make sure you’ve packed all members of your family with the clothing to match the climate – items for hot, sunny weather, as well as jackets and jumpers if you expect to head into Portugal’s colder climes. Make a check-list before flying to ensure you don’t forget a thing.

A Holiday in Portugal can be some of the most memorable that your family ever takes – so ensure that you plan your delightful trip ahead of time to extract the most joy from your vacation while you’re there.