How to Pick Out a Unique Diamond

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When it comes to diamonds, they are unique by definition. There’s a limited number of these beauties concealed in the earth. But we understand you wish your ring to be exclusive. After all, this piece of jewellery will impart: ‘’I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’’ Well, my friend, you have several variants on how to sparkle things up.

Coloured Diamonds

First, explore the assortment. You’ve probably been told about the eye-clean mesmerising diamonds. While they are our personal favourites, we want you to keep an open mind for new alternatives that emerged on the market – coloured diamonds.

Whether you’re looking for diamonds that sparkle in the sun or shimmer under artificial light, you can find something that fits your style. With their unique rainbow hues, they could be a great addition to any piece of jewelry.

These precious gems are available in various shades, starting from yellowish and ending with green. Fancy brilliants are much scarcer than colourless ones.

They have always aroused the interest of collectors and customers who viewed the stones as a gorgeous accessory and solid investment that does not lose its value over time.

Today, giants of the industry include coloured diamonds in their exquisite collections of diamond cut rings. Every toned diamond is original in its shade, degree of saturation and brightness.

Out of a thousand gems, only one has a deep natural colour. If you yearn for diversity and enviable radiance, rainbow diamonds are as good as it gets.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Alternatively, you can go for a lab-grown diamond. We support this option because it doesn’t knuckle under the traditionally mined diamond. In fact, both variations possess the same qualities and same unsurpassed glow.

The only difference lies in the extracting process. As the name suggests, lab-grown diamonds are cultivated in specific conditions devised to mimic their formation in rocks.

If your partner is an activist, who fights for the planet’s ecology or one of the few who doesn’t understand the glitter fuss, artificial diamonds are your best bet.

No physical labour is involved during production, and no resources are depleted. In addition, synthetic diamonds are sold for much more agreeable prices.

Shape Conception

It’s surprising how most men overlook the significance of the diamond’s shape. They see the classical round on TV and think there’s nothing more brilliant. Nonetheless, there are many fancy shapes with unparalleled characteristics.

Take, for instance, an emerald with its profound clarity. If your partner appreciates modern style, she’ll love you even more for this thoughtful gift.

Emerald is truly enchanting. You can’t help but be drawn to its depth that resembles thousands of tiny mirrors or multi-dimensional space. Another cut worthy of attention is a cushion.

Who would mind getting a cute crystalized pillow? It’s both vintage and contemporary, kinda combining the spirit of two epochs.

Plus, let’s not forget elongated shapes, and practically any fancy shape looks larger than round. Thus, you can get a bigger size without breaking the bank.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

While bow tie running across the diamond is considered undesirable, the same can not be said about tiny black drops that create galaxy illusion.

Have you ever seen a snow globe? A Christmas toy you shake to evoke a snowfall. Salt and pepper diamonds remind of that globe with white and black inclusions swirling together to grant an unusual appeal.

You should see them shimmer under a certain light. Beats the run-of-the-mill diamond if you ask us.

Nuances of Placement

Position can too affect the general impression of diamond rings. Have you heard anything about the popular East-West setting?

It’s gained tremendous traction over the past years. The sophisticated term stands for a band with upturned stone.

So, instead of a vertical pear cut, you get a horizontal one. Why is it in high demand? Our brain picks up on peculiar things and leans towards misshapen, squarish forms.

Simply put: our eyes are attracted by its oddity.

The More, the Merrier

There is no such thing as ‘’too many’’ when it concerns the number of diamonds in your ring. Don’t seek a distinctive diamond; forge a distinctive ensemble with it.

Instead of a solitaire, choose halo or three stones mounting. Additional sparkle is guaranteed. Plus, it’s going to be so symbolic.

The colours can mark special occasions, reflect your partner’s personality, evoke memories – the sky’s the limit.

Mix shapes and stones, get your pen or, in this case, your mouse ready and customise the band. It is a feature of many reputable jewellery shops like GS Diamonds. See the magic come into life, like a phoenix emerging from the ashes.

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