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Dogs are one of the most adored pets of all times. They are loyal, kind, selfless, and fun to be around. Choosing to keep a dog for a pet is not just a fun idea. A dog may give you companionship, but it demands a lot from you too. Here are some of the ways you can make your dog happy:

Get him some toys

Dogs are like kids when it comes to toys – they love new toys. After figuring out what his best toys are, consider getting him new ones to break the boredom of playing with the same toy all year around. Ideally, if you have a few toys, it does not hurt to get more. However, if you already have too many toys in store for your pet, don’t bring them all out at once. Try rotating those toys as a way to introduce novelty and prevent boredom.

Reward your dogs with treats and snacks

You do not have to think too far on how to make your dogs happy and healthy when there are treats and snacks to explore. A good treat is a great way to motivate your dog to dogs to behave better, and a way to acknowledge their efforts in trying to make the perfect pet. However, be careful with the treats you choose, because you still want to keep your dog healthy. As you choose healthier choices, do not make a habit out of it. Reserve treats as rewards.

Take a walk

No one would want to be stuck around in the house by themselves all day. The good thing is that dogs naturally love to walk and run around. Depending on the breed you have, you may need to take a jog, a sprint, or make a run for it. As you take your morning run or stroll around in the afternoons or evenings, bring your dog along.

Play with your dog

Playtime equates to quality time. Your pet desires your attention, and there is no better way to give it to him other than play with him. With the toys you got him, get him to play catch and run around as much as he can. If you cannot pull this off on your own, consider bringing in kids and other dogs.  Furthermore, the more, the merrier.

Let your dog socialize

Most dogs are extroverted, and even those that are not would love to meet some new faces. The playful nature of dogs makes them love people, especially kids. Let your dog hang around the people he chooses, every once in a while. This creates in him a friendly culture while being watchful of his personality.

Feed a high-quality pet food

Like you choose the best foods for yourself, give your pet high-quality dog foods. Remember you are feeding your dog while watching out for his weight and health issues. Therefore, consider your dog’s age and energy level before you choose the food to go by. Also, check out the ingredients in the feeds you select to ensure you are going for the most nutritious options.

Take him to a vet occasionally

Whether you think your dog is ill or not, it is good to make a habit of visiting a vet now and then. At first, your dog may not like getting checked by a vet, but with regular visits, he can get fond of a specific vet. It is an important thing to do to ensure that your pet is in perfect shape. Remember that any ailment can make your dog lazy, aggressive and very sad.

Overall, if you want to tell that your dog is happy, the measure by how tired he is. A tired dog is a happy dog. Get him to exercise as much as he can, and you will have yourself the happiest canine friend.
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