How to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

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There is nothing quite like taking a long, hot shower after a hard day’s work. A nice warm shower in a luxurious bathroom makes all the difference. If your bathroom is in need of a revamp, add some luxury elements to create a more luxurious, welcoming space, here are a few tips and tricks to make your bathroom look more luxurious, the perfect indoor oasis after a long day at the office. 


Add Dramatic Lighting 

Dramatic lighting adds luxurious ambience to any space, choose large lamp shades or lanterns to create drama and to inject luxury vibes into your bathroom. 

Add Fresh Plants 

You wouldn’t expect to see fresh, green plants in a bathroom however, bringing the outdoors inside is the perfect way to create a luxurious feel in any space. Choose small potted plants and larger hanging plants. One large potted plant in the corner of your bathroom would really change the look and feel of your space.

 Fresh plants also create a feeling of tranquillity and peace, making your bathroom feel like the perfect, peaceful oasis. 

Classy Containers and Storage Boxes 

Decluttering your space can instantly transform the overall look and feel of the room. Use classy containers and storage boxes to hide items that don’t fit in with the overall styling. Choose wicker baskets, glass and high-quality wood finish boxes. 

Stylish Flooring 

Install stylish flooring such as high-quality tiles or Edmonton luxury vinyl plank flooring. The best LVP flooring will be durable, luxurious and easy to install. When choosing luxury flooring, style and quality should be the most important factors. The flooring needs to look effortlessly classy but it also needs to be long-lasting and hardwearing. Vinyl plank flooring is both stylish, luxurious and hard-wearing. Choose the right colours to complement the theme of your space.

Unusual Mirrors 

Add unusual mirrors and picture frames to your bathroom walls. Bathrooms don’t always have to look simple and minimal. Clutter-free, yes but boring, no. Add some distinctive elements by incorporating unusual and unique mirrors and picture frames. 

Vintage Elements 

Vintage always looks classy and elegant. Hunt for vintage pieces at thrift stores and flea markets. Storage boxes, picture frames, mirrors and accessories. 

Fluffy Luxury Towels 

Don’t forget the fluffy, luxury towels! Egyptian cotton towels with embroidery, soft, high-quality towels with luxurious detailing. Stack your towels in a vintage wicker basket and hang your hand and bath towels on rustic towel rails to add an old-fashioned, classic element to your bathroom space.  


Add the finishing touches by incorporating accessories such as ornaments, glass and metal bowls and vases, candles and candleholders. Wall art and other items will tie the whole look together creating a luxury ambience for your bathroom space. 

Create a luxurious sanctuary in your bathroom space by paying attention to the details such as accessories, mirrors, plants and luxury, high-quality tiles. Also, well-laid, high-quality flooring can take your bathroom to the next level, giving it a high-end, inviting and elegant feel. Use some or all of the tips outlined in this article to create a luxurious bathroom space. 

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