How to Make 2D Animation Movies for Recording Christmas Memories?

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Christmas is approaching, and people are still working on it as the World Cup continues. Do you want to make this Christmas memorable? One way to do it is by creating a short 2D animation movie that people will remember. 

The best memories will come from using animation software that will help you put the memories together quickly. The animation industry is expanding, so seeking a solution is not the problem. The main issue is getting the best platform for the job. 

Here is all about 2D animation making using a solution you can easily access and use. 

2D Animation Movies for Christmas Memories 

2D animations are popular and easier to work on when compared to 3D types. That is why they are suitable for making short movies that your audience can watch. It could be for the family, community, or friends who enjoy watching cartoons. 

The scope can be enormous here when we talk about Christmas memories. It could be from memories to Christmas or create something fun for people to watch during the period. You can accomplish whatever it is with Doratoon – the best free animation software on the internet. 

This web-based platform has all the tools required to complete that movie. It can be as long as you want it to be since there are no limitations on the website. You only need to sign up for an account to get started. 

That refutes the need for installation and checking on the compatibility settings of your device. It also means you can access it on your phone, tablet, or computer. Before we get to how you can make 2D animation movies, let’s see what Doratoon has in store for the movie-making buddies. 

Doratoon 2D Animation Features 

Free animation websites tend to have lesser features, but that only applies to Doratoon. A few of them include the following:

Christmas Templates and More 

Doratoon is filled with Christmas templates that are in different categories. You can get one for the Christmas special or one that can suit your movie idea. More to that includes the thousands of animated characters and texts. 

Easy-to-Use Workbench 

The workbench has everything at your disposal. The characters, ways to select scenes, and more are all there, and it’s mostly a matter of clicking, dragging, and dropping. It also allows you to create a longer video length until you cover the whole Christmas story. 

That is why it’s the best animation software for beginners still learning more about 2D animation. 

Path Finding and AI Dubbing 

You are making an animated movie; meaning movements are there. That is why Doratoon includes a path-finding feature to make things lively. There is also AI dubbing that involves converting text into speech. 

If you haven’t recorded a voice-over, Doratoon will help you with that by giving you voice samples you can utilize in the movie. 

Easy Importation and Exportation 

You can import other files you want to use on the animation movie. That may include Christmas-themed pictures, audio, video clips, and PPT files. Once you are done making the video, you can export it in PPT or MP4. 

It’s also possible to customize or get rid of the watermark. When it comes to sharing, you can do that directly on social media channels, copy the video link, or download and share manually. 

How to Make a 2D Animation with Doratoon Website 

If you want to see how the above features and more work, here are the steps to help you get started. 

Step 1: Access the Doratoon’s Dashboard 

This starts with creating an account if you don’t have one yet on the website. After that, log in to access the main dashboard. You can use any device as long as it has an updated browser and an internet connection. 

Step 2: Start Working on Your Christmas Movie 

On the dashboard, you can start by checking the available templates. Anything you want to learn about is available via the Help Center tab. You can create the video from scratch using the ‘Create’ button on the top left.  

Another option is to use one of the templates as the guideline. What you need on the scenes can be dragged and dropped from the left menu. You can also upload anything else you would like to include in the video. 

Step 3: Finish up and Export 

Once you finish up with the movie, you can preview it first to see how you are doing. Once satisfied with everything, you can choose to export in PPT or MP4. You can also get rid of the watermark or customize yours. 

Depending on the package you have, you can own the video copyrights. When exporting, it’s possible to download, share directly or use the video link. 

Tips When Making the Christmas-Themed 2D Animation 

As you make the movie, here are a few ideas to help you get everything in line:

  • Create the script first: This will give you the outline you will likely follow. Just write down the whole story and include all the little details. 
  • Have a storyboard: It can have the characters you would like to use or a flow chart showing how the events flow. 
  • Prepare materials in advance: If you would like to include anything outside the creation platform, prepare it before you jump into the actual movie creation. 
  • Select the platform to use: Choose a suitable platform to help you easily create the story. Doratoon is a perfect example here since it’s web-based, giving you a solution you can access on multiple devices. It also has everything you require to get the movie done.

Wrapping Up 

You can now arrest Christmas memories using 2D animation movie solutions like Doratoon. Once you have the ideas together, you can make the most out of them using a platform you can access anywhere. 

Proceed to sign up for an account on the main website to proceed. There is more to explore and use in time before Christmas hits.

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