How to Let Your Kids Help Send Out Your Save-The-Date Cards

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Many people out there have weddings where their children are involved even in the most minor things. Whether it is a blended family wedding or whether you decide to have a wedding after you’ve had children. There are many ways in which you can include your little ones in your upcoming wedding festivities. 

Small things make up most parts of weddings. Consider making a list, and then start including your children in the small stuff. One of these little projects is to save the date announcements. Children always want to be part of little things, and it will make them happy to be part of their parent’s wedding. 

Save-The-Date Cards

How to include your children in save the date announcements 

  • Children are very inquisitive and have a mind with no creative boundaries. You can use their creative spirit to make perfect save-the-date cards. 
  • When these cards are sent out to your loved ones, they will be overjoyed to see how you have included your children in your wedding festivities. 
  • Adding a glimpse of them to the card will also be a core memory for them in the future. They will grow up to see how they actively participated in their parents’ wedding. 

Other ways to include your children in your wedding:  

Apart from save-the-date cards, there are other ways to include your children in your wedding festivities. It all comes down to the creative freedom you are willing to give them. Some parents don’t hold their children back from whatever they want to do, but if you are looking for a certain aesthetic, you will have to explain it to them. Here are some other ways you can include your children in your wedding festivities: 

  • Make wedding planners: Kids have different likes and interests. If they love to shop and work their way around other aisles, you can get little wedding planners for them. This way, they can write down everything they need in time for the wedding. 
  • Sending out save-the-dates: One process is designing the save-the-date cards, but another is sending them out. Your children can help you with it by posting the stamps on them and taking them down to the mailbox with you.
  • Help you with vows: You can acknowledge your little ones in the most minor things, like adding them to your vows. Family vows have something about them that makes it so special to attend the wedding. 
  • Give them their roles: Certain things are customary for the bride’s parents to do, but since you have your children in your life, these roles can be given to them. This depends upon the age of your children. Preschoolers and kindergarteners will find pride in becoming flower girls and ring bearers. 

Elegant save the date cards are one of the small things that you can include your children in. This will make them feel unique about themselves and the event that will take place in their lives.

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