How to Help Your Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

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How to Help your Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

Kids today are blessed with opportunities and resources that we didn’t have when we were young, but that has also put them at a much greater risk of being shamed, criticised and bullied, to say the least.

Children today struggle to live up to the glorified images of perfect lives (and perfect bodies in particular), and if they fall short, it has a very drastic impact on their self esteem and personality.

So how exactly do you protect your kid from being body shamed, and help him develop a positive body image? Keep reading to find out.

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Focus on Health, Not Weight

At home, when you’re trying to help your kid stick to a healthy weight, focus on helping him make the right food choices and emphasise more on healthy eating as opposed to eating for weight loss. Shift your focus from weight to health, and things will fall into place.

Remember that your kid doesn’t need to be counting calories when other kids around him are living their life to the fullest. Get him to enjoy food with regular, healthy meals and smart snack choices as opposed to binge eating junk food.

Choose the Right Physical Activities

Exercise is a very important part of staying fit- not just for kids, but for adults too. It doesn’t even matter whether your kid falls into the wrong weight category or not- he needs regular physical activity as a part of his daily routine.

Find a sport or an activity that your kid enjoys, and encourage him to do more of that.

This will not just help him with his body, but will also boost his or her mood, strengthen his immunity and help him channel his energies in the right direction.

Deal With the Bullies

One of the most crucial parts of parenting is helping your kid choose the right friend circle and helping him deal with bullies.

Remind him that choosing the right friends- the friends who support him, accept him just the way he is, is the key to developing lasting friendships.

Bust Those Myths

Social media has a very huge impact on children’s minds today, and if you suspect your kid is prey to those perfect bodies on Instagram and Facebook, it’s time to get down and dirty and bust those myths!

Explain your little one how most of these images of perfect bodies go through tons of retouches and filters to get there, and that’s definitely not real.

What’s real is having a good heart, a healthy body and sound mind- not having to go through a month long diet just to fit into one tube dress.

How to Help your Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

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