Tips on How to Design the Front Door

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The front door is located at a very focal point of the home. Everyone gets to access your home through this point, and it is therefore important to keep the door in good condition to create a good first impression of your home. The design of your entry door plays a very major role when it comes to its appearance.

How To Design The Front Door

When designing the entry doors, you should put into consideration what you are looking forward to achieving from the design. The design of the door should have no impact on its functionality as convenient closing and opening is the major function of a door. Below are some tips on designing the front door that you can use on your next project.

Match the Sidelights With Your Door

If you want your home’s front area to appear amazing, you need to consider matching the front doors and the sidelights. If your door is modern, you should use classic sidelights, and if your entry door is traditional, using traditional sidelights will also be the wise thing to do. If your sidelights are unique in style, you could always consider looking into custom doors Las Vegas so that your door matches the exact look you’re going for.

You should ensure that you incorporate the sidelights and the door perfectly such that all the details blend in perfectly, including the color used.

Keep Your Sidelights to a Reasonable Size

The size of the sidelights really matters regarding the design of the entry doors. It is very normal to be tempted to use very big sidelights in an effort to allow in more light. There are better things to do than this because large sidelights are likely to compete with the size of the door, which will affect its appearance.

The size of the side lights should be relative to the side of the door in all possible ways. The sidelights should not end up as a distraction to your door. 

You should ensure that the sidelight size is at most half the size of the door at all costs. This helps get more attention to the door itself rather than the sidelight.

Coordinate Your Sidelights

The front door and the sidelight should be properly coordinated if you want to achieve an outstanding appearance in your entryway.

If you decide to go with two different designs, you must ensure the two designs are strategically complementing each other. The designs should be similar and consistent in any way because this will not bring out the best appearance of your entryway.

Ensure that any kind of art design or pattern in the artwork is suitable for both the sidelight and the door. The art should be well positioned on either the sidelight or the door in these cases based on your needs and preferences.

Consider Using Textured Glass if There Is a Question on Security

Regarding sidelights for the entryways, most people are usually bothered about security. If you are not confident about the security of your home, you should use textured glass or heavy-duty glass for the sidelights.

Even though the sidelights are normally designed to offer effective security, just like the doors, using textured glass will help you be at ease in your home, knowing that you are guaranteed security. 

Using textured glass for the sidelights also offers extra privacy because strangers will not be able to see through, unlike with normal glass.

If you want to double the security purpose of your entry doors, you should use heavy-duty glass for the sidelights. This glass includes hurricane impact glass which cannot break down easily.

Get Insulated Sidelights to Achieve Energy Efficiency

Other than the windows, the doors are another part of the home that amounts to a big percentage of energy loss. To avoid losing a lot of money on energy bills, you should consider using sidelights that are energy efficient on your front door.

Energy efficiency is a great consideration for all front doors, and this should include all aspects of the door, such as the sidelights. If you need to learn how to identify an energy-efficient door, you can get a professional to do it for you.

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