How to Choose the Right Dog Walker to Take Care of Your Furry Friend

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If you’re a dog parent, you know how important it is to find the right person to care for your beloved pup when you can’t. You need someone reliable and trustworthy who understands dog behavior and knows how to handle your four-legged family member safely and lovingly. But with so many different options – from a professional dog walker in Manhattan to neighborhood kids starting their own pet-sitting business – trying to figure out who is best for your canine companion can be overwhelming. 

That’s why we’ve collected all the information needed in this blog post about choosing the right dog walker, including tips on interview questions, safety considerations, price comparisons, and more! Whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time solution for feeding Fido while at work or school all day long -this guide has everything you need to get started on finding that furry match made in heaven!

Keep Your Pet Happy | How To Choose The Right Dog Walker

Research Potential Dog Walkers

When considering entrusting the care of your beloved canine companion to a professional dog walker, it is essential to research potential candidates thoroughly. An experienced dog walker can provide the necessary skills to handle various behaviors and temperaments safely and effectively. 

Additionally, compatible hours of availability are crucial for building a reliable relationship with your chosen dog walker that suits your schedule. Furthermore, the services offered should cater to your dog’s unique needs and preferences, from the group or individual walks to tailored exercise and engagement activities. 

Schedule an In-Person Meeting 

Scheduling an in-person meeting with a potential pet care professional is an essential in ensuring your furry friend’s comfort and well-being. During this meeting, you can firsthand assess the individual’s style and personality, allowing you to gauge their compatibility with your pet. 

Engage in conversation, and observe how they interact with your furry companion to see if they exhibit patience, understanding, and a genuine connection. A successful meeting should instill confidence that your pet will be comfortable and well cared for under their watch. Remember, a pet care professional will play a significant role in your furry family member’s life, and finding the right fit is crucial for their happiness and peace of mind.

Ask for References From Past Clients and Contact Them 

One crucial step in ensuring the quality of a service provider is to ask for references from their past clients. It is common for reputable professionals to have a list of satisfied clients who can vouch for their work. Contacting these references can provide insightful and honest feedback, allowing you to make informed decisions. 

By dedicating time to this research, you demonstrate assertiveness in seeking the best services possible and reinforce your commitment to obtaining the desired outcome.

Calculate Pricing and Payment Methods

When purchasing or signing up for a service, it’s essential to calculate the pricing and evaluate the available payment methods carefully. By doing so, you can better understand the overall cost and avoid any unwelcome surprises, such as extra fees or additional charges that may be lurking in the fine print. 

To achieve this, take the time to thoroughly review the pricing details and consider any potential add-on expenses associated with your purchase, like shipping or taxes. Additionally, be mindful of the payment methods offered, as some may come with associated fees or require extra steps for security purposes, potentially impacting your final cost. 

Observe the Walker On a Test Walk With Your Pet 

Before entrusting your beloved pet to a professional dog walker, observing them personally on a test walk is essential. This practical assessment will give you a comprehensive idea of the walker’s attentiveness towards the pet and their ability to provide the care and love your pet deserves. 

Keep an eye on how they handle your pet on a leash, how they communicate and react to them, and their capability to maintain control and remain vigilant of their surroundings. A test walk is about ensuring your pet’s safety and providing them with a positive and enjoyable experience, ultimately paving the way for a trusting and dependable relationship between your pet, the dog walker, and yourself.


Ultimately, finding someone reliable who you and your pet love is of great importance; take time to evaluate all the criteria when considering your options. When it’s all said and done, getting a trusty dog walker will surely provide you and your pup peace of mind as you go about life’s daily tasks!

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