How to Choose the Right Decking for Your Yard

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How To Choose The Right Decking For Your Yard.

Having a deck in your yard can really spruce up your space. It provides you with a perfect space for grilling in the summer and gives your yard an extra bit of calming aesthetic. 

Yet, decks come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, which leaves us wondering which types are the best. And truly there is no ‘best’ deck material, but there may be a ‘best’ deck material for you and for your yard. 

Before you get chosen do not forget to consider the conditions of your home, your yard, and where you live. You want to think about issues such as rust, rainfall, mold, strength, and so on. 

Decks live outside, and thus are subject to the elements. If you live in a climate that has harsh weather on the regular, you will want to consider this when you are choosing your decking, it is not summer all year after all. 

How To Choose The Right Decking For Your Yard. Having a deck in your yard can really spruce up your space. It provides you with a perfect space

Consider the Types of Decking for Your Yard

So, what are the types of decking you can have? 

There are 3 main types of decking you can get. While you could get others, these are the main three, and there are sub-categories in these that you can look into.

Wood Decks

Wooden decks are probably the most common choice for most people. They are strong, feel good to touch, and are natural. However, they are also the material that asks for the most maintenance even if they look great in your garden.

You need to maintain them every year, and they also require treatment and resealing each 2-3 years as well. And even though you do all this, they will still break down from potential warping, rot, splintering and such. Although these issues are common in older decks. 

You can also add colored protections to add a few more years to its life, but it will ultimately need replacing eventually. 

Composite Decks

Then there are composite decks which are made from plastic and waste wood, this makes it more resistant to rot and wear, and they also look like wood. 

You can buy whichever color you want, and you do not need to paint them or stain them. 

They are more expensive than wood, but they do not require as much maintenance, so it may save you in maintenance costs in the long run. All you need is a gentle scrub from time to time, and maybe a pressure wash to avoid any mold or mildew. 

You should check out popular composite decking companies.

Pvc Decking for Your Yard

Finally, there are PVC decks, it is 100% recyclable, and it doesn’t stain, rot, or fade. They are less expensive than the others, and they have a decent touch and appearance. From a distance, it can look like wood, but when you stand on them, you know it’s plastic. 

It is available in many colors and can mimic natural wood. 

Tips to Pick the Right Deck

However, all this being said, choosing the right deck is not just about choosing the best material, but it is about many things. So, we will give you some top tips to help you get the perfect deck for you. 


There are advantages to buying decking for your yard online, and you can get great prices for buying a deck online. However, this does mean you will be buying a kit to build your deck. If you are a hands-on type and enjoy building, this is an advantage for you. 

So, if you fancy putting your deck together yourself, a deck kit might be ideal for you. You can build the deck, with easy instructions, and you know you are getting all you need to build it. 


In some places you may need to consider an anti-slip surface. If you get a lot of rain, or cold icy weather in the winter, or even if you are adding in a hot-tub on your deck, anti-slip is a must-have. 

It will make your deck safer to use, and you can get many options for anti-slip decking, you will get boards and inserts to aid your material. 

Also consider that some materials are naturally more anti-slip than others when choosing a deck. 

Deck Care

Do not forget deck care. Obviously different materials will require different amounts of care. So, you will want to think about how much effort you are willing to put into the life of your deck. Also, how much money, because maintenance does cost. 

If you do not have much spare time or money to spend on deck care, you might want to go for something like PVC, as it will be more cost and time effective in the long run. 

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