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Useful Tips on how to care for your Tyres

We are on holiday in New Zealand and this week we are driving to Wanaka to visit the snow. When we arrived in the South Island my sister’s car tyres had become pretty bald and so we are taking them to get replaced in the morning to make sure we can drive around the South Island in safety..

One simple way to keep a check on your tyres is by doing monthly check-ups yourself and using professionals on a quarterly basis.

Most of us are not experts when it comes to taking care of your tyres. However, it is essential for all drivers that they know a few basics to help drive safe. Here are some of these basics when it comes to Tyre safety. 

Checking the tyre pressure:

Maintaining an optimum pressure is essential for the efficient performance of your car. You can simply do this by checking it through a small pressure gauge. If you don’t have one, buy it. It is pretty inexpensive and can save you from an elaborate tyre problem.

Checking your tyres for wear:

After a certain amount of usage all tyres face wear. It is important to keep an eye on that. A tyre with tread depth less than 1.6 mm is not only more dangerous as its grip on the road is below the acceptable safety levels but is also more prone to punctures.

A good tip to keep in mind is to avoid spinning your tyres excessively. This can cause over-heating of your tyres and in turn cause your tyres to wear off.

A better way is to gently use backward and forward motion to free your tyre when you are stuck in snow or some ditch rather than spinning.

Check the alignment of your tyres:

Improper alignment can weaken your tyre

 and make them more prone to wear offs and punctures. An easy way to know whether your tyres are aligned or not is to notice if your car is drifting to one side more when you are driving in a straight line. If it is then this definitely means that you require wheel alignment re-done.

Be Wheel Savy

Keeping these small points in mind can help you maintain the health of your tyres but there is only so much one can do on their own. For the rest you have to take the help of professionals who can exactly tell you what needs to be done and when does your tyre need replacement.

Plus maintenance is one thing but one needs to get their tyres replaced as per the professional advice to stay safe and to keep your car roadworthy.

You can get your car new tyres this summer. Book online or visit Calmac Tyre’s Northampton Branch and you‘ll be surprised with the kind of variety that they have.

You name it and they shall have the brand. So, whenever you need tyres, keep them in mind and I assure you they won’t disappoint you.

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