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Fashion trends are always changing – A Collaborative Post

Fashion trends are always changing, so it pays to know the up-and-up about new fashions. Staying on top of it all can be troublesome and difficult, but knowing the tips and tricks of a shopping professional can keep you stylish amongst your friends and family.

But how do you go about developing a great array of fashion in your closet? It’s not that hard once you know where to get started. But you’re going to have to take a lot of notes and keep your nose to the ground so that you’re not missing out on any of the trends that are out there.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Online

The first place you should be looking for is trendy clothing websites. They’re going to be the first place you look when it comes to see what the latest fashion trends are. They update pretty often and quickly so that they can stay ahead of the competition, and going to a website is a lot easier than driving around to your local stores to see what they have.

You’re also free to browse at your leisure, seeing what colour and size options there are, and many clothing websites may even offer accessory suggestions so that you can create a complete outfit. Much easier than walking around with bundles of clothes in your hands to see what goes well with what.

Know Your Measurements

This doesn’t take long but is one of the most important steps in the business: knowing your measurements. A simple tape measure, a pen, and some paper are all you need so that you can find the right size of clothing for you.

The majority of stores list the measurements on each article of clothing so that you can determine roughly how it’s going to sit on your body. Sizes differ from brand to brand, so you may end up wearing a small from one store and a medium from another.

You’ll have a much easier time figuring out which clothes to get if you know your measurements so that you won’t have to keep returning clothing to find the right one. You save a lot of time, hassle, and money.

Checking the Sizing Charts

In the event that you’re using an online store that only lists the sizes of their clothing, be sure to check out the actual brand’s measurements on their own websites. Brands are more eager to state the measurements in their clothing to ensure that people are buying the right sizes.

It’s better to trust the brand anyway than the middle-man website that is just trying to get you to buy the product. It doesn’t take long to do a little research and you’ll feel better for it.

Look to the Catwalk

When in doubt, look to the fashion catwalks to see what new trends are coming out of designers’ heads. This will give you a sense of what’s going to eventually end up in commercial stores so that you can get ahead of the game.

Looking to catwalks will also give you an idea of what certain clothing is going to look like when it’s worn on the body. It may look good on a hanger and then become something else entirely different when you put it on.

Researching the Materials

Knowing what the fabric is going to feel like beforehand is important to determine which garments you’re going to buy. Not only does this save you from buying clothing you may be allergic to, but it also provides information on what the fabric may feel like against your skin.

You may not like satin, for example, so looking at the materials of the clothing online will help you stay away from certain products.

Look for clothing in fabric that you love so that you’ll feel more confident when you wear them too.

Reading the Reviews

On popular shopping websites, customers aren’t afraid to leave reviews wherever possible. Looking for these will give you a good idea has to how well an item may fit or whether it’s even well-made.

Customers will also be frank about whether the clothing matches the listed size, telling you whether you should get a size larger or smaller.

Read each comment and review with a grain of salt; some of them may not be true. But if you’re seeing a trend in the comments, then it’s likely that whatever they’re complaining about must be true.

Create a Spreadsheet

Shopping around is how you get the best deal and the best quality products. Shop around online to see which stores have the same items at which prices.

Don’t automatically go for the cheapest, as it could be a knock-off site that’s more interested in sales than selling you quality products.

Draw up a spreadsheet of online stores and fill in what your shopping experience is like. This will give you a reference to use in the future so that you know where to shop instead of searching through your browser history.

Always Look at Return Policies

Not all online stores have the same return policy. Some of them may require you to pay the shipping and handling to send the item back.

You also need to know when you can send it back; many stores have a time limit on when you can send it back before a certain amount of time has passed. A store that offers exchanges is also one you should add to your spreadsheet.

Be Flexible

Don’t expect clothing to be exactly how they look on your computer screen. Lighting and resolution can definitely make a difference when it comes to the colour of things. Some clothes may also be pinned at the back when the models are wearing them so that they look more fitted and attractive.

But if the colour and fit are definitely nothing like the image, you should definitely send it back.

Become Friends With a Tailor

Shopping for clothing online is definitely something of a gamble. Nothing is going to fit perfectly right because not everyone’s body is the same. That’s why having a tailor in your contacts list is the way to go. Once a few adjustments are made, your clothing will look picture perfect.

Being a shopping professional isn’t easy, especially if you’re going it alone. But exercising some patience and common sense will have you looking just as fashionable as the professionals.