How to Build a YouTube Channel

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Looking for top tips for building a Youtube channel? Well here are some suggestions to get you started. Growing your youtube channel can be really beneficial. It’s a way to share your message, help others and earn a potential income. So let’s begin.

Instead Of Equipment, Focus On Concepts And Ideas 

 A smartphone is all the equipment you need to start a YouTube channel, so you can shift your focus away from that. You should instead spend more time and energy identifying and choosing your niche. This way, you will have a great concept and idea for your channel. 

For your videos, start by jotting down some ideas – 50 to 100 will do for now. Your focus should be on the video titles. To see the available selection on YouTube, type your ideas into the search box on YouTube. This will give you some insight on the existing competition. Once you have had a good feel of what the competition and hobbyists are doing, think of a way of creating better content based on what is lacking in the existing selection.   

Nothing ranks above content. In fact, it is often said that content is king. Exercise a lot of seriousness when launching your YouTube channel – which is similar to starting a new business. 

Use Short Videos 

Shorter, bite sized bits of information are preferred by today’s users. You will find it harder to succeed when using longer videos, over 2 minutes, unless you have a very clear idea of what it is you are doing.  

It is important to remember that viewers don’t know who you are at the initial stages. A great way to boost your following you can buy YouTube views. The video length, thumbnail and title are all they will have when it comes to deciding whether to watch your video or not. They may just decide to skip your content altogether, if they encounter lengthy videos – longer than 2 minutes.   

Use Attention Grabbing Thumbnails 

A that you have to market your videos, at least until you start building an audience, is the thumbnails, and titles, you use for your videos. 

It is true that YouTube’s search index uses the description and tags on your videos. However, all you have are your title and thumbnails when it comes to standing out against all of the other videos available to users. As such, you should ensure that you use attention grabbing thumbnails.   

Whenever you upload a video, avoid using the YouTube generated suggestions, and instead choose a better one. In fact, you should take the time to put together your own thumbnails. 

Keep Humans And Search Engines In Mind When Choosing Titles For Your Videos 

The titles of your videos should be created using the same SEO techniques you use on your web pages. Remember to make the title as enticing to humans even as you work to include a keyword in there.  

The search results on YouTube also show the first two lines of the description of the video. Make the most of these two lines. 

Use Comments To Engage Your Audience 

Make yourself known to your audience. YouTube audiences enjoy connecting with their preferred channels. Using the comment section on your videos is a great way to get this done. While this will definitely take up a lot of your time, it can be quite rewarding; thus, worth the effort. 

Every Opportunity You Get, Ask Viewers To Subscribe To Your Channel 

Tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of each video. You can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and even check out more of your content by using a simple “end slate” in all of your videos.

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