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Tonight I wanted to writethow I currently feel about blogging. A lot has changed in the past 6 months since I rebranded and whilst the world of blogging is going full steam ahead I wanted to take time out to just go over my thoughts. If this does not benefit anyone else, it will at least benefit me.


Blogging As Therapy.

Blogging for me is therapy. It always has been. I started my original blog days in bed, when I was in and out of hospital all the time with Adrenal Insufficiency and too unwell to do hardly anything. I’m still unwell but not half as bad as it was. I have many sick days, most days are spent in the home and I spend a lot of time resting in bed still, however my quality of living is better and I can do more in the home when I pace myself.

I rebranded my blog in October to The Inspiration Edit because during my blogging Journey I realised I preferred to have a focus on kids fun and family fun rather than my health. Before rebranding I announced that I wanted to focus more on cooking with kids and fun food ideas and that was received rather well by my audience.

My Vision For The Inspiration Edit

My vision and a main reason for The Inspiration Edit was I simply wanted to share many ideas. I wanted to share ideas that I create as well as the ideas of others. I envisioned a blog which can help educate parents on ways to teach and extend children’s learning. I wanted fun family ideas and also to share inspiration on difficult subjects such as chronic illness and abuse, things I have experienced.

It’s taken some time but I have slowly began to make the blog what I want. I’m not following what anyone is saying to do. I am simply building and sharing what I want to share. What I think is fun and hope others will think too.

I know my blog wont be everyone’s cup of tea. There are fun parents out there sharing crafts and ideas and then parents who like to share the woes of parenting, the harsh realities or the funny side of it. For me, I want to share ideas for learning and having fun as a family. After all that is one way we bond and grow in unity as a family, something which I value.

Setting Goals

So last year I took part in a course on Goal setting and I planned out the direction I wanted to go in 2017. I organised my categories better and have slowly but surely worked on all the parts of the blog i’ve needed to. Blogging is hard work and sometimes people say they want to be a blogger and get all the things I get. I sometimes say, nothing comes free and for every item I review or post I write which is sponsored I need to produce my own equivalent content to balance the blog. Yes I may receive some items to write about but, I have to write, take photos, manage social media, edit, reply to hundreds of emails and deal with ongoing tech and other issues.

Blogging is not an easy way to get a freebie. It’s for me a job, a job with many sacrifices and much hard work. Just like a air hostess who gets to see countries whilst flying. The reality is she has to work 12-15 hour shifts, sleep in a tiny bed, be away from family and much more. The perks of a job look appealing but often the difficult parts and the “work” is glossed over.

I’ve put in at least 40 hours a week often more for over 27 months. A a minimum I’ve put in 4250 hours into the blog. At a minimum wage that is almost £30,000 a year. I have not earned anywhere near that amount. I’m sure I can do in the long long term future but this is a labour of love. It’s something I have to work at everyday in order to reach my goals. If I receive £100 worth of toys in a month it’s not really going to pay the bills, but it will help me produce good content and will be of value to my family so I accept and review.

At the end of the day, my blog is a business and in order to grow, you sometimes have to work many more hours than you get paid. You also have to sacrifice. I sacrifice a lot, but I’m doing it for our future. We have a 5 year plan and are almost half way there. If I can make this blog a financial success as well as my online space, then we will be able to one day own a home and help Sylvia with her college and university fees.

I want to help Sylvia in the future and I’ve been collecting stamps and coins since she was a child. It was my plan and my way of helping pay for her wedding, if she chooses to marry one day. I hope by the time she is old enough, I can trade in my collection to cover her costs. However just imagine if I had a successful business and could keep my collection and still help her!

Not worrying what others think

So, I set new goals and am heading in a new direction. I work everyday and I don’t do it on my own. I have a virtual assistant who helps me with scheduling and some social media promotion. I have someone who helps with content creation and tutorials. I love to make things with my daughter but heck, the reality is I’m sick and I can’t do many things. So I make and share what I can.

I decided not to care what others think. This is my blog and I’ll run it in a way that works for me. Some people wont accept guest posts on their blog. I will because these posts could be inspirational. The key is whether or not it’s relevant to the direction of my blog and the audience.

I don’t worry what people say, I’m happy with my blog and the number of views I’m getting. I remember when I was aiming for 100 views a day and over the moon. Now I’m aiming for 100,000 a month and I’m almost there.

I am excited and pleased to be progressing as a blogger. I have some fantastic tutorials and food ideas coming up. I have fallen in love with pinterest and have reached my social media growth goals for the first quarter of 2017. It’s quite exciting to be able to say I did it! I reached my goal. Now I want to continue on with more content planning, and make a plan to build my subscription list.

If you are not yet a subscriber… please join The Inspiration club! I send out just one email a week with the latest blog posts direct to your email. I’ll add a sign up opt in form to the bottom of the blog! I’d love to have you join me.

This week is exciting. We have had some fantastic new things to review and I’ve had so many comments and emails, I’ve been bombarded and don’t have time to reply to them all. I will do my best. I’m glad I chose blogging and I’m pleased where it has taken me. I am doing too much and would like to slow down a little but it’s really hard to do and in reality I can’t if I want to reach I my goals. I also need to make money to cover the cost of my adrenal pump meds. It’s killing us but has to be paid for. I have to work my butt off and this will in the future pay off!

I can do this. It’s hard but I can succeed.

Angela x