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6 Household Chores You Can’t Avoid Any Longer


6 Household Chores You Can’t Avoid Any Longer

Chores. They’re a little like taxes. Nobody likes them, but everyone has to do them.

Every day we diligently scrub our dishes and wipe down our countertops. A few times a week, we’ll sweep the floors and run the hoover around. Few enjoy doing chores, but when they’re done, it’s hard to deny that a clean and polished home is satisfying to live in.


With that in mind, here are 6 household chores that you can’t avoid any longer:

Roof Gutters – Roof gutters are so easy to forget about. You know what they say, out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, putting this particular chore off can have serious consequences. Roof gutters help give rain water somewhere to go and if they’re clogged, the water could begin to collect and cause damage to your home. Especially with April showers looming just around the corner, now is the perfect time to break out the ladder and garden gloves, and give your gutter a good clean.

Loft – Continuing on with the topic of out of sight, out of mind, another easily neglected part of our homes is the loft. And why not? Nobody really goes up there, and there are other chores that need to be done, right? Except the loft is maybe the biggest contributor to allergens being distributed around your home. Make sure you dust thoroughly with an electrostatic duster or cloth.

Fingerprints – This is probably the chore that is easiest to overlook. The fingerprints that accumulate on surfaces throughout your home do so over time, and it can be easy to overlook them. Usually a good bleach wipe is all you need for this chore. Make sure you look at the surfaces you touch most often including cabinets, the fridge and freezer, and doorframes.

Under the Stove Hood – When was the last time you lifted up the hood of your stove and cleaned under there? Chances are, many people who read this will be thinking, “There’s a hood on my stove?” Yes, there is, and if you’ve never looked under it before, chances are you’ll want a good de-greaser and a durable scrubber to get the job done.

Defrost Your Freezer – Of all the items on this list, this one is probably the one we are all most guilty of avoiding. I’m not going to lie, the process to defrost a freezer can be time consuming, but it’s worth it in the long run. Not only does it free up vital freezer real-estate (something that is always in short supply), but it also can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your freezer. In other words, of all the chores on the list, doing this one can actually save you money.

Kettle/Hot Drinks Machine – This one might seem like the odd one out on this list. How much do we really need to clean our kettles and hot drink machines when they’re already running hot water through themselves? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Many studies have found that these appliances are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, and no one wants that with their morning cuppa. Fortunately, cleaning them is easy. All you need to do is run a solution of 50/50 water and white vinegar through the machine once a month. For best results, do this twice each time you do it.

The last thing anyone wants is more chores to add to their list of things to do. Fortunately, nearly all of these things can be done alongside the chores you do every day. Pick one and start today, you’ll be glad you did.  

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