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A Review of Hotter Shoes personal shopper experience.

Last month I attended Blog On, a blogging conference for bloggers. I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the day out. One of the highlights of the experience was meeting with brands in the exhibition room. 

I had the opportunity to meet the Hotter Shoes team and check out their new range of Hotter shoes. This was one team I wanted to meet as I’m a huge fan of the Hotter brand and my favourite pair of Hotter pumps were well worn and ready to be replaced. 

I was asked if I would like to try out the Hotter Shoes personal shopper experience from home over the phone and was excited to test this service out. 

My Hotter Fit Fortnight Experience

Being someone who spends a lot of time at home due to chronic illness and health problems, I don’t go shopping too often. Having a personal shopping experience over the phone was fantastic as I could shop for the shoes I wanted from the comfort of my own home. 

The first thing I needed to do was measure my shoe size. I went online to the hotter website and followed the fitting guide to measure my own feet and find out what width and size shoe I would need. 

I then booked a phone consultation to help me find the right shoes for my feet. 

Choosing My Hotter Shoes

Before making my phone call to the Hotter personal shopping service, I visited the Hotter website to get an idea of the types of shoes I liked.


I was able to speak to a consultant who discussed my needs and the type of shoes that I wanted. The one place I visit the most is the hospital for medical appointments and the doctors surgery. So I wanted a pair of shoes which are nice looking but also practical for walking through long hospital corridors. 

I really like pump style shoes and was given a few different styles to check out online. I loved the Jewel shoes and the different patterns and colours. 

Jewel Shoes From Hotter 

My last pair of hotter shoes that I loved so much were red and I decided I wanted to go red again. The actual colour is called blood orange but they are the perfect colour and they sure stand out with a good pair of trousers or a skirt. 

My Jewel shoes were a wide fit which is what I needed and they are super comfortable. I’ve been wearing my shoes for one week now and am really enjoying them. They feel so good and I feel great whenever I put them on. 

I love that my new Hotter shoes are slip on. This is easy for me, I don’t have to bend down to put my shoes on (something which would affect my blood pressure). 

These smart casual shoes are really nice. I love them. I was sent a protective spray to help keep my new hotter shoes in top condition and I love the super cute bows on the end of the shoe. 

This is a review and an honest opinion. I did have a good shopper experience. I was pleased with all the options I was given and surprised at how easy it was to actually choose the right fit over the phone and internet. 

I’m really pleased with these new Jewel hotter shoes. I’d love to get a second pair in another pattern as I tend to stick to the same style when I find a style I love. 

These shoes retail for £65 and they come in several colours as well as the option of a floral pattern. I was pleased with the service I received, the speed at which my new shoes arrived and the fact my shoes fit. 

Angela x

I was gifted these shoes as part of the #Hotter Fit Fortnight campaign.