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Hotpoint Cook30 Microwave Review

This week we were sent a Hotpoint Cook30 MWH303B 30 Litre Microwave with Grill, from for review. I was really excited about this because our last Microwave caught on fire following a “popcorn incident” and so we needed to invest in a new Microwave for safety reasons.

The Cook30 Microwave has a large 30 litre capacity and is great to meet all of your family needs. At 900 Watts, this is also a powerful microwave grill and we were very excited to put this microwave to the test.

Hotpoint Cook30 Microwave With Grill Main

Hotpoint Microwave Touch Screen Menu

The Hotpoint Cook30 Microwave has a touch screen selection menu that removes the need for conventional dials. The menu options can take a little getting use to, if you have been familiar to dial controls.

However once you have read the instructions and have a grasp of how to work the microwave it’s really quite simple. There is also an auto cook option which can remove guess work when using the microwave.

Hotpoint Cook30 Microwave With Grill control panel 2

To select your required auto cook options, you simply need to repeatedly press the auto cook button until the required option is obtained.

Place your dish or container into the microwave and press start. The timer will then change and start counting down.

To cancel your option, press stop and it clears the display. You can reselect your auto-cook option again for different dish or meal.

Hotpoint Cook30 Microwave With Grill Auto Cook menu

Large 30 Litre Capacity Microwave

This microwave has a large 30 litre container and this means we can get large plates or containers into the microwave grill for cooking, defrosting or for baking.

Normally, we would have to get a smaller plate for meals we have frozen for a later time. Now, we don’t have create more dirty dishes when it comes to washing up time.

I was surprised at just how large this microwave was in comparison to our old one. It’s huge. If buying this microwave, make sure you have plenty of space to store it.


The Hotpoint Cook30L comes with a wire frame stand for food and plates which will reheat and can be used for further grilling.  The wire frame stand is ideal for raising your plates closer to the grill for this very reason.

Grill Feature

The grill feature allows effortless cooking of any type of meal or dish without the need for guesswork or estimating the time needed for each dish or meal.

The Auto-Cook feature also removes this guess work with pre-programmed timers at your finger tips.

Our Family Test

We like to bulk cook and pre-prepare some of our meals from time to time. Reheating or defrosting can take sometime, so the Hotpoint Cook30 Microwave has a more precise timer, which removes the chances of over cooked or burnt food we often have had from our older microwave.

Getting used to the pre-programmed settings did take some time, but in the end we found it was very worth while learning curve, with better cooked and managed meals.

Overall, the Hotpoint Cook30 Microwave Grill is one appliance we highly recommend giving this microwave grill a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

We were sent this Microwave for the purpose of review