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Hoover Jovis Plus Wet And Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

We were recently sent a Hoover Jazz wet and dry vacuum to review and today I’m sharing my thoughts and views on this handheld vacuum cleaner which came from A.O.Com. This is our first handheld vacuum and something which I think is going to come in super handy for keeping the home more dust free and clean.

Using the Hoover Jovis Wet and Dry Vaccum

The Hoover Jovis wet and dry vacuum is a small handheld sized vacuum which is great for using in small areas such as the family sofa, on the stairs and in the car.

The vacuum can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch which is really handy. The device is a great size for storing close by fo handy spills and messes.

Charging the Hoover Jovis Wet and Dry Vaccum Cleaner

This small and handy vacuum cleaner is charged using a plug in charger. The first time you use the Vaccum you will need to charge it for 24 hours and will need to repeat a 24 hour charge on a monthly basis.

The Vacuum will run for around 13 minutes at a time which should be long enough to cover small areas such as the stairs or your family car.

The charger has a LED display and will flash to indicate that it is charging. The flash on the Jovis Vacuum by Hoover will stop flashing once fully charged.

It’s normal for the charger to become warm to to the touch when charging.

 Special Features of the Hoover Jovis Wet and Dry Vacuum

The Hoover Jovis Vacuum cleaner has a dust capacity of 0.2 litres. To open the filter you simply need to hold the filter in a vertical position and pull the trigger.

This will remove the dust cap enabling you to empty the container, and dust any dirt off the filters.

The dust container can be emptied and should be emptied after each use. The container, deflector and filter can be washed with warm soapy water after use.

It’s important to make sure the filter is completely dry before placing back into the Hoover Vacuum.

Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Function

The one thing that is unique about this vacuum is that it can hoover up both dry dust and dirt as well as liquids. To clean up liquids you simply need to attach the squeegee tool onto the dust cup to collect the liquid.

When collecting water and liquids it is important to keep the nozzle and vacuum facedown to avoid water entering the motor.

Personally I intend to use this Vacuum for reaching dust in difficult areas such as on the stairs and in our car. I don’t plan to use the wet function but it’s good to know this is available should I come across a spill whilst vacuuming.

A Cheap Vacuum Cleaner that works well

The Hoover handheld Vacuum cleaner retails at for £48. I think this is a good price and it’s super handy to have a small handheld vacuum to use when your looking to hoover a small area.

It’s great for spills or dust or cleaning up a little area, after my daughter has been crafting or when crumbs have been spilt on the sofa.

I love that the squeegee tools allows you to clean windows and glass surfaces and the fact the vacuum cleaner comes with a one year manufacturer warranty gives me peace of mind.

The Hoover Jovis Wet and Dry is functional and easy to use. I think it’s a useful handheld cleaning device and could see it being handy in not just the home but a classroom or preschool setting too.

Angela x

This product was sent for the purpose of review


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