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Home renovation is still being planned, but you already understand that you will not be able to cope with it on your own? You don’t need to, it is enough to order a turnkey repair service. Let’s figure out what it actually is.

What Does “Turnkey Repair” Mean?

This service can also be called “all-inclusive”. That is, one company is engaged in the repair of premises from start to finish, from leveling the walls to arranging furniture. You just place an order, pay for it and accept the work after it is finished. It differs from a complex repair in that it is possible to repair one room or the entire apartment completely.

For builders, it doesn’t matter what needs to be renovated – a new building with an unusual layout or old standard housing. One company will be responsible for all work: plumbing, construction, and finishing.

What Are the Pros and Cons When Ordering Turnkey Home Renovation Services?

All services have their own advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of this one include:

  • the turnkey renovation will be started and completed in a clearly planned time frame;
  • the ability to develop a design in a 3D model;
  • in an individual design project, you can provide for all the necessary and important little things, for example, storage space for an ironing board and the number of shelves in a kitchen cabinet;
  • compliance of the design project with the result;
  • one firm does all the work in the required order;
  • there is no need for cleaning after repairs and garbage disposal;
  • saving time.

There are few disadvantages:

  • cost – the turnkey renovation will cost more than a self-made one (but imagine the time and efforts you will save);
  • the possibility of making a mistake in choosing a contractor.

How Not to Make a Mistake When Choosing a Company

The most tried and tested method to choose home renovation Framingham MA company is the recommendations of relatives, neighbors, and friends. If this is not possible, study the reviews not only on the company’s website but also on other Internet resources. Too low prices should be alarming. There may be an exception if this is a new company and in this way, it gains clients and positive reviews for itself.

After choosing a company, you can discuss the plan of the necessary work, a preliminary calculation of their cost, and the execution of the contract. It is better to take into account all possible points, up to compensation for damage in the event of a breakdown due to the fault of the company’s employees.

What You Need to Be Prepared for When Ordering a Turnkey Renovation

Initially, you need to decide on the amount that you are willing to spend on repairs. Before developing a design project, you must clearly define what you want and take into account all the nuances: from the style and the need to create separate zones, to the presence of pets.

Even if the repair of the entire apartment is ordered, a separate estimate is drawn up for each room by type of work. This document should take into account all the services provided.

An experienced designer will offer several options for interior decoration, advice on building materials, taking into account your budget. At this stage, it is important to work out the project as accurately as possible, as the amount of the estimate will depend on it. You need to understand that if during the renovation process, you change the interior design or other points, the amount in the estimate will only increase. On the basis of the project, the final calculations of the cost of work and building materials are carried out.

After making sure that everything is in order with the documents, you can transfer the keys to the workers.

When the Work Is Done

Before you sign the acceptance certificate, carefully inspect the entire premises – check whether everything is working well. Your home renovation will be maximally pleasant with UBrother Construction! Years of experience, lots of happy customers, plenty of projects done. Contact UBrother Construction and get any details you need. 

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