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Home is Where The Heart Is

Well I have some fantastic news. Last week we got the keys to a new home. The house is nothing fancy and there is a lot of work to be done but it’s a new home which has the space our family needs and I am totally excited.


Moving house can be really stressful. There has been so much to do and luckily the week before moving I wrote a weeks worth of blog posts so I could focus on the move rather than writing.

We have been sorting out paperwork, changing over our address and details everywhere that it is relevant. John has been measuring and sorting out flooring and I have managed to sort through a few boxes and start putting things in the right places.

We haven’t moved everything yet and are still in the middle of it all. We have boxes everywhere and it’s all a little hectic.

I think moving house could not have come at a more perfect time. We really did need the space. We needed a change and a home more suited to our needs. It’s wonderful that after 3 years we will finally have a bath. This is wonderful and Sylvia is so so excited as am I.

I’m excited about the move. I am excited to work on a new home, on decorating ideas and making each room our own. There is a slight condensation issue so we need to use a dehumidifier and I’m hoping this is a temporary measure but it is all so exciting and there is a lot of potential for this home.

It is a rental. We don’t have the money to buy yet but it is a long term goal for the future and maybe just maybe we could buy this house in the future. Who knows?

I’m really excited and everything is lost and in boxes everywhere and I cant wait to get everything organised and sorted in time for Christmas. How excited. A new home and a fresh start for our family for 2017.

Angela x