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When You Hit A Bump In The Road On Weight Watchers

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Last week was an interesting week on my Weight Watchers Weight Loss Journey. I guess in a way I hit a bit of a bump in the road. I struggled for three days to count the points I was eating. I know from past experience that this is has been my biggest hurdle in the past, missing a few days and then struggling to get back on track.

So what happened? Well I was so excited having lost 2 pounds last week and I was ready to go. We bought the right foods in (which was crucial) but I just felt so unwell I spent a few days in bed and kind of lost my focus. I didn’t track the foods I ate, rested and slept and thought I’m doing okay. In fact I was doing okay because I was making the same healthy choices I had made in the previous weeks but you still need to track what you eat or you can end up eating a lot more than you think.

So after a long weekend of illness I decided to get back on track and count perfectly. I really tried hard until my husband brought a box of cadburys cream eggs and I lost the willpower eating two in one night. Although these were pointed, I could have eaten much better and healthier options and kind of wish I’d only had one afterwards.

Despite this I kept on going and my husband took me to my meeting on Thusrday. I was unwell so turned up a little late, when the weighing in was ending and then stayed for the meeting. So I was only there for about 30 minutes but it was good and got me thinking about how I will manage over Mother’s Day and the fact I need to plan what I eat when I go to London next week to see my specialist.

Yes…I am going to London for a day, I will see my Endocrinologist and I am also going to watch a movie as part of a blog collaboration and I am excited. I will reveal more about that next week. So I do feel like I hit a bump in the road and for me that is taking the time to track and write down what I eat.

The good news is last time I did Weight Watchers about 5 years ago, when I failed to track I also started making bad choices. This time when I failed to track I stuck to healthy options and free foods such as protein, chicken, beans and veg and so I was able to still lose weight.

9 pounds less now after six weeks.

I have been online looking at recipe books which might help me to create a list of go to “healthy” meals. I think the key for me is to make these dishes into a lifestyle. For example if my family naturally eats, low point, healthy meals then eventually this will be a pattern for life and we won’t fall back into bad habits. Not buying in naughty food is really helping or buying treats for my family which I don not like. I think chocolate is a weakness and need to try hard to stay away from this.

I am trying to find sweet and tasty low point alternatives as I do have a sweet tooth. In fact Sylvia and I have been experimenting and we have made the most delicious pancake recipe with almond milk. I am hoping to create a recipe for this on the blog.

In the meantime I will be looking at what is out there and making my own list of wholesome meals. I am thinking of purchasing a recipe binder to write up and collect my favourite low point recipes. I really think this can be a lifestyle change rather than a diet but it’s about finding the right meals which we can enjoy over and over and buying in the right foods. I am trying hard and think if I could exercise more it would help but I simply can’t. I am not well enough at this point in time.


I know my time in London is going to be tricky and I need to be extra careful with the choices I make but I can do this. I look forward to sharing my progress of week seven next week. Until then thanks for following my journey and let me know if you have any favourite recipes I could try out?

Angela x

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