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Today I am sharing Sylvia’s new coat which we bought last night from Tesco. Due to a number of recent growth spurts we really needed to get Sylvia a coat and it was perfect timing as there was a half price sale rack and we found this lovely coat just at the right time. 

A New Coat From Tesco

So, the coat is an F&F coat and usually costs £28. We got it at half price which is really good. The coat is a size 13 which means there is plenty of room for growth. 

High School News

Now for the good news, this morning we had an email from Lancashire Council stating Sylvia had a place at the high school of her choice. 

I am so pleased about this. There are a number of schools we were able to choose from and we really wanted the most local school which will be easier to travel to and has a good reputation. 

I am so happy myself about her school placement and super pleased that my daughter is starting a new school in September. 

School Uniforms

The school uniform when kids are at high school can be so expensive. We have to buy everything from scratch. The Blazer, Jumper and tie are specific to the school and the skirts/shirts and trousers have no logo so there is more choice of where I can buy them from. 

I heard that you can sign up an account at the local School Uniform store and pay a weekly amount to help make paying for uniform easier. It will cost around £200 to £250 to get everything she needs. 

I will start saving next week. It’s going to be a big change for my daughter and hopefully a good one too. 

The school have strict rules about shoes, bags and coats. The coats have to be dark and plain and the shoes have to be black with no logo.

I am wondering what kind of bag we will get her and where from. It’s certainly an interesting time starting high school. I recall when I started I had a super cute Little Miss Naughty Bag. 

Mr Men and Little Miss was popular back in 1994. It’s been a long time since I started high school. 

So, I hope this coat will last the entire year and get Sylvia through her first Autumn and Winter of high school. Unless Little Miss growth spurt does not stop growing. We shall have to wait and see! 

The lovely photos were taken by Sylvia’s Dad John Milnes aka Mr Geek and Gadgets.