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Getting A High Diamond Polish At Smile Pod

This week I was in Soho London and it was the perfect opportunity to pop into Smile Pod to have my teeth checked and experience a fantastic cleaning treatment, the High Diamond Polish which gives you a brighter and healthier smile. It’s perfect timing for me, just before the Summer months where we will be having a lot more family photos.

smile pod soho

I must admit, I was a little nervous going to the Dentist. It’s not something I love to do and I’ve actually avoided for a good year but I knew I needed to be seen and wanted to test out the High Diamond Polish for myself.

I arrived at Smile Pod in the afternoon, the office was pretty busy but there was enough seating for me to sit and wait for my turn. I didn’t have to wait too long. A friendly Dental hygienist came out and invited me into the treatment room.

smile pod soho

I had a check up of my teeth and talked to the hygienist about the importance of brushing and flossing teeth. I was shown how to floss correctly which was interesting and then an inspection began.

It turned out I have a cavity in one of my teeth, so I was advised to book in to get a filling done as soon as I can so the cavity can be sorted.

I also discussed the issue I have with my teeth getting chipped. Apparently I grind my teeth and when discussing this further it turns out I am a good candidate for braces as my teeth are not straight and not in the correct position. I never knew this so it’s something to look into for the future.

We then moved onto the High Diamond Polish cleaning treatment. The dental hygienist began by removing any plaque or build up around the gums and on the teeth. Even with daily brushing I still had some build up on the teeth which needed to be removed and it was done pretty quickly one tooth at a time.

After the removal of plaque from my teeth, each tooth was polished and cleaned. One or two of my teeth were more sensitive than others but it wasn’t painful and my teeth were polished sparkling and clean and all stains were removed.

smile pod soho

I was really pleased with the services I received at Smile Pod. The staff were friendly and the service was straight forward and stress free. I was advised to invest in an electric toothbrush and continue to floss and brush daily. I was also reminded to book in for my fillings and to look into other possible treatments for the future. I’d love to try and get my teeth whitened at some point and improve the colour and shade of my teeth. offer a wide range of services from teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, teeth straightening (including Invisalign), cosmetic and restorative dentistry. I enjoyed my experience at Smile Pod Soho and am now motivated to try harder to care for my teeth and protect them.

smile pod soho

I’m also going to be looking into teeth straightening because that might help with the grinding and wearing down of my teeth which is something I’d like to put an end to.

Thanks Smile pod for the High Diamond Polish.


*I was given the treatment in return for an honest review*