Herbs, Spices, Foods, and Supplements to Increase Energy, Boost Metabolism

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Your diet can have a profound impact on your level of energy and metabolic function, thus affecting your ability to maintain a healthy weight, feel productive at work, and keep at bay diseases. 

However, with so much contrasting advice out there, it can be hard to find the right dietary regime for your needs and improve your diet. Luckily, some foods, herbs, spices, and supplements make it easier to naturally support your metabolism. 

While seeking the advice of a professional nutritionist is something that can’t be replaced, the guide below can tell you more about the foods that you should start incorporating into your diet today. Let’s dive in!

Chili Pepper

Spices that contain capsaicin, such as chili pepper, have been seen to increase heart rate, and, in turn, the rate at which the body can burn fat and metabolize energy. In turn, adding chili to your recipes can help you speed up your metabolism after meals. 

Ginger and Turmeric 

Although following a planned and well-balanced diet is key to maintaining a healthy weight, adding foods such as turmeric and ginger can help you kick-start your weight-loss journey. 

In particular, roots like ginger and turmeric can boost the digestive process, prevent digestive issues, and relieve nausea and bloating. What’s more, ginger can reduce inflammation, thus preventing pain and discomfort from getting in the way of your daily calorie-burning activities. 


Optimizing your workout performance is key to burning calories and fat, while also building lean mass. If you are struggling to gather enough energy to enjoy your gym sessions, some caffeine-based pre-workout supplements can help. 

In particular, pre-workouts last a few hours and allow you to better manage your energy and speed up your metabolism while exercising. 


According to studies, ginseng can help lower oxidative stress and boost energy production, which can ease fatigue and maintain energy levels balanced. Ginseng, which can be prepared to substitute coffee, also prevents energy spikes and drops, keeps your cognitive functions sharp, and reduces inflammation.

Proteins and Nutritional Yeast

Taking longer than carbohydrates to break down, proteins can help you keep your energy levels high throughout the day. What’s more, proteins play a role in helping build lean mass, repair damaged tissue, and provide essential amino acids. 

If you are looking to introduce complete proteins within your diet, you might also look at eating more legumes and boosting your diet with nutritional yeast, which contains all nine essential amino acids. 


Whether you are looking to lose weight or boost your energy levels, staying hydrated is of uttermost importance. Drinking enough water can help the body get rid of toxins, support the digestive system, and even improve metabolic function. 

What’s more, substituting other processed or sugary drinks with water is one of the easiest ways to cut back on unnecessary calories. 


Beyond simply being a delicious spice that can truly enhance any of your recipes, cumin can play a vital role in boosting metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, and managing blood sugar levels. It is important to notice that, by improving metabolic rate, cumin might also increase the rate at which energy is consumed. 

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds such as almonds, pistachios, chia seeds, and flax seeds can have several beneficial effects. Indeed, they are an excellent source of energy, protein, and healthy fats, and they can increase the metabolic rate after a meal. 

If you are struggling to manage your hunger or cravings, nuts, and seeds are also a healthier substitute for processed snacks and can help you feel full for longer.

Keep Active and Eat a Balanced Diet

Although the foods, herbs, and spices above are a great addition to anyone’s diet, it is important to understand that increased energy levels and a healthy metabolism derive from an overall healthy lifestyle. 

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