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The Seasonal Sneeze – Home Improvements That Will Reduce Hayfever – A Collaboration

Who among us has a complicated relationship with the seasons? On the one hand, you love the visual delight and change of weather, but you can’t seem to enjoy it due to the assault on your senses. The hardest part is that home seems to be one of the main perpetrators of hayfever, so shutting yourself in doesn’t provide any relief.

If your sneezing and sniffling inside and outside of your home, here are some simple home improvements that will reduce your hayfever.

Vacuum regularly

It cannot be overstated how important it is to whip your vacuum cleaner over your floors at regular intervals, ridding your home of dust and debris that has a way of finding its way into each room of your home. Many experts will tell you that you should be vacuuming twice a week, but if that feels like too much of a commitment then you should be doing it at least once.

In 2020 and beyond, there is no excuse to be using a subpar vacuum which will require more time running it over the floors, without the results you are after. Invest in a great vacuum and you will never look back.

Regular dusting

How much are you dusting? Don’t worry, this isn’t a lecture! Dusting is often something that is left off the to-do list until there are guests arriving or there’s an impression to be made. The truth is, dust is more than just an unsightly scene, especially when it is on surfaces that are close to your nose and eyes.

If you would like to effectively eradicate the dust in your home, use a wet microfiber cloth as opposed to a feather duster so that you are wiping your dust away instead of just re-homing it.

Be aware of what you are bringing inside

Every time you leave the house, you are exposing yourself to the elements and all the pollen that floats around the air.

During periods of high pollen forecasts, consider taking off your shoes and jackets before entering your home so that you keep the pollen outside instead of bringing it in.

It might also be wise to take a shower as soon as you arrive home to rid yourself of the unwanted pollen, clearing your throat and nose.

Address your bedding

If you haven’t yet discovered allergy-proof bedding, life is about to get a whole lot better. You might know it under another name, mite-proof bedding. This keeps those allergens away so that you can get a great night’s sleep, without having to do anything more than making your bed.

You should also wash your sheets regularly to support your allergy-proof bedding, and it’s also a great idea to wash your hair too so that you are not bringing anything sneezy into your bed.

Furry friends

Relax, this is not a pet intervention! Nothing can turn a bad day right quite like our furry little friends. While cute and cuddly, they can be contributing to the hayfever issues that you might be suffering at home.

They are actively wandering outside, in the grass and have fur that can catch and carry pollen and dust. So how do you turn this pet hayfever issue around? Stick to a regular bathing schedule, wash their toys and bedding often and don’t keep their fur any longer than it needs to be.

This season, look at your home through a new lens and start making sustainable changes that will reduce your chance of hayfever. Also, make sure that you share your tips and tricks with your other home dwellers so they can get on board too. Start embracing each season, and keep your home as the allergy-free paradise that it should be.