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When kids start elementary school, most of them have trouble with mastering basic math. For some reason, many of them simply don’t like to look at all the numbers no matter how many oranges and apples you use to try and make it more fun.

Nevertheless, math is an important part of growing up since no matter where you turn, there will likely be something you need to calculate even though we have countless apps to make the job “easier”.

Speaking of apps, we decided to do some research and check what apps can help your child learn better. Initially, we started searching on App Store and Google Play but with so many to choose it would’ve taken too much time to properly test all of them.

Luckily, we found a website that lists both iOS and Android apps. Even better and lucky for us, they have a list of top 10 apps for kids’ math formula with a rich information database. We’ll share the link for you to check.

Top 10 Math Formula Apps

This saved us time because we didn’t have to download each one, but based on the provided info we could assume which ones were better than the others. Finally, we filtered it to 3 math learning apps of our choice for you to check.

Montessori – For the Young Math Learners

This app is based on the famous Montessori education created by Maria Montessori, who dedicated her life to child education.

It’s created for kids 5-year and longer and teaching the basic foundation of not just mathematics, but algebra, colors and even helping children improve their motor skills.

The math department is pretty well covered and the learning experience is packed in an entertaining package so any youngster can feel more like having fun, instead of learning. But the strongest point lies in the fact that the simple design allows children to navigate the app by themselves without you having to check every few minutes.

This way they can learn and have fun on their own and develop the basics of independent thinking and action-taking.

After your kid masters the basics, they won’t have much to do with this app. Still, if you need an entertaining way to teach them how to correctly recognize and write letters and numbers, this one is a great choice. Another minor thing we didn’t like is to unlock all the games, you need to pay $10. Still, it’s an viable choice and the $10 won’t seem much, especially if you see your kid enjoying themselves and learning.

While this game does come with more games unlocked from the start than the others, Montessori Preschool Games app has a more expensive $9.99 one-time payment to remove ads and fully unlock the game.

But with its bright, colorful interface, it aims to keep even your youngest kids entertained without overwhelming them and still helping them learn.

You can even use the app as a substitute for the paper workbooks you can get at the bookstore! If you’re looking for the best education a game can give, this is it!

Zapzapmath – It’s all About Fun

In case your children need a bit more motivation to discover the joy of numbers, a great alternative is Zapzapmath.

This one is more aimed at kids from kindergarten age to 6th grade, but even younger kids can enjoy it thanks to colorful games.

Another great thing about this one is that you can actually connect the game so that the teacher can follow their progress and help out along the way.

Finally, if you have more than one kid in your family, many games support a 2-player mode so they can learn and play together.

The game selection is gigantic so you can be sure they will have fun for a long time. More importantly, they will likely improve their math skills without even realizing.

The app has a similar problem to the previous one, meaning many features are hidden behind a paywall. But again, same as the one before, the content the app provides is more than worth the one-time payment.

It all comes down for you to decide if you think your child is getting something helpful out of the app features.

Math Formula Free – A Trusty Helper for all Ages

Although the app doesn’t sport an imaginative name, it does provide exactly what the name says. More importantly, it provides it in a user-friendly package where you don’t have to waste time searching the exact formula you need at the specific moment.

Also, this one can be used by a much bigger span of children’s age – from elementary all the way to high-school. Math formulas are organized in categories so you can find what you need no matter if you’re doing geometry or integration.

Another great feature is the ability to favorite formulas you’re currently using so the access becomes even easier.

We also discovered that there are dozens of different languages so if English isn’t your strongest language, you’re likely to find your language so you can use the full potential of the app.

There’s not much negative to say about this one. It does what it does and although it won’t guide you by the hand and do the work for you, it’s an amazing tool for any student struggling with math.

If your kids need help but you don’t want to just solve the problem for them and pamper them, introduce them to this one so they can find the solution for themselves and improve their skills.


These are our top 3 apps for teaching your children basic math. If your kids need an extra helping hand in solving their current “math troubles”, these apps can be a great way to overcome it without breaking too much sweat.

We hope you and your family will find these apps helpful so you can start learning and mastering the numbers.

One thing is certain, there won’t be a day when we won’t need math. So the best thing to do is learn the basics as soon as possible. Good luck.