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Health Updates, Home Improvements And The Nurture Nest

Well, today I simply wanted to say how life is going and what we have been up to. April and May has certainly so far been a time of virus and sore throats. We caught a virus which lasted a long time and hit the whole family and then recovered and now we have been hit a second time around. Just fabulous!

health updates

Sylvia’s sports

Besides being hit with germs Sylvia has been taking part in a lot of sports recently. She enrolled into May mini olympics after school every Tuesday. On Monday she had cross country at the local high school and on Wednesdays she has swimming. My daughter is so so hungry at the moment and I’m sure all the extra activities are contributing to her wanting to eat us out of house and home. It’s great to be able to pay for Sylvia’s sports and to be able to give her opportunities to grow and develop in this area.

Me and my health

Well as for me and my health I have been really struggling with chronic fatigue and exhaustion as well as the inability to focus or concentrate. In addition to my adrenal Insufficiency, I am suffering from low Iron and low zinc and it’s not helped on the virus and infection front or with energy. I have been waiting about 3 months for treatment and by the end of May I will have seen a haematologist to arrange an Iron infusion. If I had money to go private I could have sorted this a long time ago but we have to be patient and use the NHS system which takes some time. I am working on building my Zinc stores and maybe when this is right, if I can ever get it right my ability to think straight will return.

Home and House

Well I was sent the most amazing wallpaper for Sylvia’s room however I’m struggling to get it on the wall. I arranged for a decorator to help us but he did not feel he could use the wallpaper as it’s extra big like a mural rather than small paper so I am trying to find another decorator to give a quote. I’m not experienced with wallpaper and I do not have the energy for a task like that. So once we find someone able we will eventually get the wallpaper sorted.

We are getting a kitchen blind to review soon and I am excited about this. A kitchen blind was on my list of items we needed and I’d hope to review and it’s finally happening. The blind has foxes on and is pretty funky. I can’t wait for it to arrive. John will be sorting that out for me. He is handy when it comes to putting blinds or curtains up. So that is the next home improvement we will be working on.

The Nurture Nest

Sylvia and I created a nurture nest. John and I got a new Hush mattress which is amazing by the way and so I wanted to keep the old king size mattress for guests. We laid the old mattress on the floor in the spare room. It just fit in perfectly with no gaps and so the whole floor is one big bed covered in blankets and pillows for chilling out, drawing, getting creative and relaxing. This is now our go to room to chill, read, relax and hang when we feel like going somewhere different. It’s also going to make a great spot for visitors. My dream is to one day adopt or have a second child but until then the room can be our relaxation and meditation area.

Working With Brands

We are going to be working with some brands modelling some lovely dresses in the coming weeks. Sylvia is having her 9th birthday and we will be reviewing a whole lot of birthday gifts including the tangle angel which is something I have always wanted to test out. I have been sent the most amazing doll for Sylvia for her birthday, (an historical tudor doll) and I can’t wait to do a photo shoot with her once she has opened her gifts.

I decided this year to do a small tea party for Sylvia’s birthday and so I am looking forward to helping my daughter celebrate her special day. I am on the look out for the perfect cake.