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2017 was a tricky year health wise. Having Adrenal Insufficiency and other health conditions such as low Iron and other deficiencies was difficult for me and left me feeling incredibly tired and exhausted.

As a result many of my 2017 health goals were not achieved. However I did manage to stay out of hospital for a year which is miraculous.

I have had plenty of hospital visits and appointments but no emergencies and no long stays. I think that was a great achievement.

So today I will set new health goals and see if I can work towards them.

It is hard when you have chronic illness and other conditions making you unwell but I am determined to start fresh and try try again. Here are my new goals for 2018.

Adrenal Insufficiency

  • To continue to manage my Adrenal Pump so I do not have any emergency visit to A&E and no long hospital admissions. I will still get unwell regular but I can treat myself using the pump and recover from these episodes I have at home.
  • To get a referral to a new Endocrine team to further my efforts to get the Adrenal Pump giving sets/ medication funded each month.
  • To get a new medic alert bracelet as the one I have broke.

Weight Loss

  •  I really do struggle with weight loss and despite my best efforts to lose weight and all I went through in the past three years I regained a significant amount of weight.


  • I think this was due to my gastric bypass not working as planned, having no support to investigate this, taking daily steroid medication and other medicines which induce weight gain. My goal in 2018 is to lose 1 Stone and get down to 17 Stone in weight.


  • I want to try joining a slimming club such as Weight watchers and follow a plan to see if this can help me in my efforts.


  • I hope to take short walks when I am well enough and to do more than I did last year. This of course depends on other factors but I will try.

(I have to remember that despite being 18 Stone, I was once around 21 Stone and due to the efforts I made, I am no longer pre-diabetic which is great.)

Vitamins & Minerals

  • This is my big challenge. I regularly have issues with low Iron, Zinc, Vitamin D, B12 and folate and I need to keep doing my best to try and absorb these and keep my levels up as it can make me very unwell. so taking my daily tablet is vital.


  • I will have B12 Injections every 3 months and check my Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc and Folate regular so I can get super doses of medication if I become really low and unwell.


  • I will talk to my GP about Vitamin D Injections and I clearly don’t absorb the tablets properly. Also have my 6 monthly Iron Infusions at Wigan Hospital.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

  • Due to pituitary damage I have a number of conditions. I will continue to take my daily injections to try and get my growth hormone levels normal.


  • My Endo increased my dose of HGH because my levels are too low and as a result my muscles became weak and I got tired again. It should take a good 6 months to get to the level I need to be at and I will need to do simple muscle exercises to help rebuild my muscle atrophy.

So these are my health goals for 2018. I think the biggest thing is knowing I have Chronic conditions and doing all I can to maintain them and be as well as I can in my circumstances.

I will be sick and feel unwell regular but I will do my best to follow the above plan to keep myself in the best health I can be in.

The hardest thing is finding a doctor to make an application to the NHS on my behalf and losing weight but I will try with both and see how I go.

Angela x

What are your health goals?

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