5 Reasons You Should Have a No TV Night at Home

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TV might have become a routine for you and your kids to do at night. You may all watch a favorite show or use it as an opportunity to spend time together. Although relaxing and enjoying a movie or show together is nice, finding other ways to spend time as a family is still a good idea.  

Here are five reasons you should have a no TV night at home.

Have a No TV Night at Home
Have a No TV Night at Home

1. It Drains Your Mental Energy

When you are watching TV, your attention is held onto the screen. The mental energy you have is locked in on the screen, reducing the likeliness of controlling other thoughts. Your brain is only focused on what is on the screen and leaves you feeling mentally drained before you head to bed or do another task for the day.  

2. It Takes Away From You Family

Although you might see this as something to do to bond together, it is robbing your time with each other. You can do many other interactive things that encourage communication and making memories. When you are invested in the TV, you aren’t spending time together but are just in the same room, focused on an outside factor. 

The characters on the TV aren’t real and have carefully written characteristics. There are real-life people in front of you that you can make a deeper connection with. Especially with everyone being wrapped up in their own lives, it can be good to sit down and reconnect. You may be able to help your kids or significant other get clarity on a situation they need help with or you may get the help yourself.  

3. Changes Your World View

TV is known for making things in the world seem way different than what they are. Any shows about police, lawyers, high school and FBI agents do not accurately portray their lives and occupations. This could start to shape your and your family’s opinions and assumptions about these things. 

Your younger children may expect their high school experience to be the same as what they see on TV or want to be an FBI agent because of what they see. It can be a huge wake-up call when they discover the reality in person.  

4. Results in Less Satisfaction in Life

Watching TV shows can alter how you view your life. How people’s lives are portrayed in shows can make you feel like your life isn’t as exciting or fun as what is shown on TV. It can create expectations for yourself and life that are too high and create unnecessary anxiety. 

It can also impact other aspects of your life that are important. There are links between excessive TV watching and obesity. This can harm you and your children’s health. If you want to spend real-time together, try limiting TV by taking a night off from the screens. 

5. Costing You Money

The last thing you want to do is add more money to your electric bill. No matter how you watch your TV, it is sure to add extra costs in more than one way. Cable, satellite, DVDs, subscriptions and more suck extra money out of your wallet further than just electricity being used. 

What to Do Instead of Watching TV 

Now that you and your family want to take a night off the screens, you may wonder what you can do together to bond. You can choose many options that will let you interact with each other and create fun memories. 

  • Have a game night. Game nights are perfect for making memories and bonding as a family. It brings out everyone’s competitive side, no matter what games you choose. So many card and board games are available to start the fun. 
  • Cook or bake together. Nothing brings people together like food does. Your relationship with your family can build from making and enjoying food together. You can work together to create a delicious meal or sweet treat and try them out to see how well you did. 
  • Go star gazing. After a long day, you might want to find something relaxing to do together. You can find a star chart online and head out to the backyard. Find a spot that lets you have a clear view of the sky and search for stars on the chart. Fresh air will also help everyone sleep instead of having their eyes locked on a screen. 
  • Get out of the house. Sometimes getting out of the house is what the family needs. You can go to dinner, bowling, roller skating or whatever you and your family enjoy doing. 

Skip the TV for a Night

At first, it might be difficult getting everyone on board for this idea. Try to make fun plans to make them want to step away from the screen for at least one night a week. 

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