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Featured Review of Hasbro Yellies.

Hasbro Yellies are super fun little toys that children love. Yellies are the in thing at the moment and I’ve seen the new Rabbit Yellies being promoted recently both on television commercials and online. This week my daughter was sent her very own Yellies toy to review and we are excited to share our Yellie with you on The Inspiration Edit. 


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Yellies Reviews

So if your looking for honest Yellies reviews, then look no further!

We are here to share what we think about the new Yellies Hasbro toy. These toys are aimed at children aged 5 and over and this toy was sent for the purpose of an honest review.

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Today we are sharing our review of the SIR BUNNINGTON Yellies toy, one of the four bunny rabbit Yellies released by Hasbro toys. 

hasbro yellies review sir bunnington yellies

Hasbro Yellies – What Are Yellies Toys?

A Yellie is a fun little fuzzy creature that responds to your voice and sound. Each Hasbro Yellies pet has a unique look and personality. 

Each Yellies Bunny has 6 surprise movements. The thing we love about our Hasbro Yellies pet is the fact the cute little toy is voice and sound activated. 

Yellies respond to talking, yelling, clapping, singing and music. The louder you yell the faster thet go. 

There are 4 Bunny Rabbit Yellies:

  • Sir Bunnington 
  • Smoosh
  • Fluffertail
  • Biscuit Bun

what are hasbro yellies?

Yellies Hasbro 

Just like many Hasbro toys, the Yellie comes with batteries. The 3 x LR44 batteries which will eventually need to be replaced.

Batteries in the Yellies toys last a long time and in my experience I wouldn’t expect to need to change this for at least for a year. 

The Yellies Bunny is super light and small enough to fit on the palm of your hand. 

yellies hasbro toy bunnies

About The Yellies Toy  

The body of the Yellies Toy is fuzzy, and the eyes, ears and limbs are made from plastic. The bottom of each Yellie toy has wheels to enable your creature to move easily. 

My daughter found the Yellie super fun to play with and enjoyed making different sounds and noises to see what Sir Bunnington could do. 

playing with Sir bunnington hasbro yellies toy

Whilst I do like the toy, it’s one I would encourage my daughter to try out or play with in another room, as the louder you yell, the faster Sir Bunnington moves and I’m not too keen on really loud noises.

For kids it’s a super fun toy and really easy and simple to play with. 

yellies toy mr bunnington rabbitWhere to Buy Yellies

Yellies Hasbro Toys are sold in many toys stores such as Argos, Smyths and they can also be purchased on Amazon. Hasbro sell three types of Yellies, Spooders (spiders), Bunnies and Lizards.

You can purchase a Yellies toy for around £12.99 in the UK and $14.99 in the USA. 

This item was sent for the purpose of review.

where to buy hasbro yellies