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Last week I shared our new Christmas Elf Pyjamas and today I’m sharing this fantastic set of Harry Potter Hogwarts themed Pyjamas which were sent to Sylvia and I from the Pyjama Factory.

As you may already know, I spend 80% of my time in bed due to illness and I spend far more time wearing Pyjamas than I do day clothes. In fact, I love to have plenty of Pyjamas to choose from. Fresh Pyjamas feel great especially on my worst of days.

We do love Harry Potter. I introduced Sylvia to the Harry Potter movies and books last year and ever since she has become a Harry Potter fan.

harry potter pyjamas

The Pyjamas we were sent came in Women’s and Kids sizes and I love that they are available for myself, a woman who is plus size. Not all stores and companies sell Pyjamas my size so it is great that I was able to get my size from the Pyjama factory.

I’m really happy with the set’s that we chose. They are comfortable and washed well in the machine. The women’s Pyjamas retail for £12.99 and the kids Harry Potter set for £10.95. I think that’s a good price and matches what I might pay at a local supermarket.

The quality is actually really great and I am impressed. I would order more Pyjamas in future from The Pyjama factory as they are good quality and there are plenty of novelty sets to choose from.

We were gifted these Pyjamas in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own