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Have you ever heard the phrase being “Happy in the skin I’m in”? Well today I thought I’d talk about that because the reality is I don’t think many people are happy in the skin they are in. So often I see comments on social media and Facebook of women wishing they looked how they once did, if only they were a little skinnier, or they looked the same as they did a few years earlier.

For me I can relate. After losing almost 6 stone I was really happy in some gorgeous new dresses but then I regained 2 stone and my lovely dresses don’t fit anymore. It feels rubbish. I am not going to lie. I have some lovely clothes in the wardrobe and I just can’t fit them. I don’t want to throw them out or give them away incase I can lose the weight again but I know that is not going to happen in the coming weeks.

I have been thinking a lot about weight loss and the way I look recently. When I first started writing my blog I shared my ongoing weight loss efforts and the ups and downs of living on steroids. I shared my story of going for a gastric bypass and have since shared about this failing and not working for me. However I have decided that for now I am giving up in this diet and weight loss battle. It’s been going on for four years and I need a break.

I am not quitting and I am not going to pig out but I am also not going to starve myself just to lose a pound or two and then regain it the next week. I am simply taking time out. I am going to try and be happy in the skin I am in.

It’s not easy to feel happy with our body image, especially when we once looked so much different and so much better. However times change, life changes. People die, stresses enter our lives, we have worries and life hurdles and they can all make the focus on weight loss that much harder.

I want to review more restaurants and enjoy food again. I want to share more fun food ideas on the blog and I want to do it guilt free. I am going to share what I like in terms of food and when I am ready I will get back on the weight loss wagon but for now I am taking a break and going to love the skin I am in.

Angela x