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A Happy Child The Portrait Project

A Happy Child The Portrait Project

I love this photo. It’s a happy child. My child!  It shows my daughter who is happy almost 90 per cent of the time. I love her to bits and she is a bubble of joy, singing, dancing and smiling all day long. I will miss her as she is going back to school tomorrow although I will enjoy the time I get back to work on the blog and to fight my corner to get the adrenal pump which will one day improve mine and my child’s quality of life.

Happy Child

For all those of you who popped over form the MySundayPhoto linky, I accidently hit the wrong picture while linking up but this is my actual shot of the week! 🙂 Oops

Angela x


My daughter is usually very happy but some days are not perfect. I think we can share the good and sometimes not talk about the bad but all children have moods, have tempers, get into grumps and funks and my daughter is not alone. It’s part of childhood. It is part of being a happy child and a grumpy child and part of being normal.


Well that’s what I think anyway!


  1. She looks really happy! I’ve just spent ages on your blog reading your story and your sister’s. Sounds like you’ve been going through so much, Angela. Well done for finding the strength to write your blog and document your journey. x

    1. Thanks so much Mel. That is really kind of kind of you and I appreciate your words. It is important to me to share my story. I know it will help me to get well faster. It keeps me positive and happy too! Thanks for visiting! Angela xx

  2. Sylvia is beautiful and I love her smile and her hair too. I am with you about missing our child that are going back to school. 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks so much Melody. My daughter has the cutest hair but it is a nightmare to brush lol! School is great for the kids but I look forward to the next holidays where we may be able to do something fab together! Angela xx

    1. Thanks Fiona. She sure is..she brightens up our day and sings and laughs and makes us so happy. I wish I was well enough to have more kids- we will see how things are in a few years! Angela xx

    1. oh no! You’ll get used to it! I love my daughter going to school as it give me a chance to rest before she comes back but i do miss her company. Angela xx

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