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My Happy Child The Portrait Project At The Pond

Sylvia at the pond.

This week we took a ride to Yarrow Valley Park with the dogs as the weather has been improving. Sylvia had a lovely time and really enjoyed throwing stones into the pond and watching them skim across the water. It reminded me of my own childhood and I’m glad my daughter is growing up happy. She is my happy child and I wanted to share this photo today.

I remember exploring as a child and visiting the pond with my parents. We would search for frogs and tadpoles and skim stones across the lake. We fed the ducks and had a fantastic time as a family. Still today many years later I remember the wonderful times we had as a family going on outings to simple and free places. It was the fun we had as a family which still stands out to the day and it makes me so so happy when i remember the good times. I want to always give my daughter good times like this too.

Angela x

happy child at the pond