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Halloween Snacks For Kids

Halloween snacks are always so popular Llast year I shared some fantastic fun halloween food ideas her on the blog. Today I have put all the snacks together into one post. I do hope you enjoy this and find something you like and can try out with the kids during the Halloween season.

halloween snacks for kids

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What You Will Need To Make These Halloween Snacks

  • Packaged cheese and cracker sticks
  • Packaged chocolate pudding
  • Packaged peaches or oranges
  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Scissors
  • Low-temperature hot glue gun
  • Gauze roll
  • Sharpie
  • Craft pom poms
  • Googly eyes
  • Black and green craft foam

halloween snacks for kids


Let’s Make These Amazingly Simple Halloween Snacks

Mummy Bananas

Mummy Bananas Halloween Snacks

Starting at the bottom of the banana, begin randomly wrapping the gauze roll around the length of the banana.

You can criss cross the gauze or leave gaps to give it more of a mummy feel.

Be sure to leave a small gap near the top of the banana where you would like the eyes to be.

Secure the gauze at the back of your banana with tape or hot glue.

Halloween Snacks Mummy BANANA

Using a low temperature hot glue gun, attach the googly eyes to the front of your banana where you have created a gap in the gauze.

Halloween Snacks

Chocolate Pudding Bats Halloween Snacks

Cut out two bat wing shapes from the black craft foam.

Be sure to leave a small bit of extra foam space on the inside of the wing to attach it to the back of the pudding cup.

Halloween Snacks

Attach the wings to the back of the pudding cup with hot glue.

Let the glue partially dry and cool down a second before attaching the wings to help eliminate the chance of the glue melting the plastic container.

Chocolate Pudding Halloween Snacks

Using the glue gun again, attach two googly eyes to the front of the pudding container.

Halloween Snacks

Monster Cheese and Crackers Halloween Snacks

Begin by gluing a craft pom pom to the top of the backside of your cheese and crackers package, above the cheese compartment.

Halloween Snacks

Glue two googly eyes on the cheese compartment of the package below the craft pom pom that you just applied.

Halloween Snacks

Use scissors to cut two arm and hand shapes out of the green craft foam.

Halloween Snacks

Hot glue the arms to the sides of the cracker compartment of your snack.

Halloween Snacks

Jack-o-Lantern Orange or Peach Slices Halloween Food Idea

For this snack, you can use either an actual orange, or a package of orange or peach slices.

Halloween Snacks

Begin by drawing the face of a Jack-o-Lantern onto the front of the orange itself, or on the front of the peach or orange slices container.

Halloween Snacks

Cut out a long rectangular piece of the green craft foam.

Halloween Snacks

Fold the rectangle in half forming a loop, and hot glue the loop to the top of the orange or orange/peach slice container to form the stem of your Jack-o-Lantern.

Items you may need to make your Halloween snacks. 

Halloween Snacks