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Halloween Dog Costumes With Yoda And Casper

Today I thought I’d share a fun blog post about Halloween dog costumes which we bought for our Bichon dogs Yoda and Casper. I have to be honest, Halloween and Guy Fawkes are two of the most difficult nights for our dogs.

halloween dog costumes

Guy Fawkes is the worst as the fireworks get our Bichon’s worked up jumping up and down and barking like crazy. Halloween is a bit different. In fact, the dogs go bonkers whenever anyone knocks at the door. Heck they bark when the wind blows the letterbox.

So, you can imagine how crazy things get on Halloween night. Well a few years ago we decided to buy a few fun Halloween costumes for Yoda and Casper and we ended up having a lot of fun dressing them up.

Of course, the dogs loved the attention. They love having fun and seemed to enjoy wearing their costumes. I thought taking a trip down memory lane and looking at our photos might be a fun thing to do.

We bought our £1 costumes from the pound land store. It’s a great place for Halloween treats and costumes and accessories and we do enjoy having a look in store each year.

We got a number of halloween costumes for dogs and had so much fun dressing them up. Sylvia even got some matching accessories for herself.

I’m not sure how we will dress for Halloween this year but we are going to have some fun for sure. In fact, Sylvia is getting some fantastic Halloween costumes sent to review and I am looking forward to a new and fun dressing up photo shoot. It will be fantastic.

Well I think so anyway.