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How to Grow your Instagram Like a Boss


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How to Grow your Instagram Like a Boss

I’m really loving Instagram at the moment. It’s taken me a good year and a half to get into this form of social media and now I’m loving sharing photos on a daily basis and engaging with other Instagram users.


I’ve recently doubled my Instagram following from 1000 to 2000 and am working towards 4000 followers. Compared to some big bloggers and Instagram users 4000 may be seen as a small number but you have to start somewhere.

I have to admit Instagram does not drive as much traffic to my blog as other forms of social media for example Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter but it does have an important role for me as a blogger and so I decided to focus on my Instagram growth for the past 3 months.

Why do I love Instagram. 

Well, I really love sharing photographs and Instagram is for me the perfect platform for doing this. Every Friday on the blog I write a Sylvia’s Style post and I love to share pictures of my daughter having fun and wearing different outfits over on Instagram. 

My focus on Instagram is family images, my daughter and her style. I share pictures of Sylvia in her outfits, the ones we blog about and ones she picks out during the week. I also love to share pictures of Sylvia with myself and her dad, having fun and our dogs Yoda and Casper.  

I’m glad I’ve created a Instagram niche to focus on. I do love cooking with Sylvia but have decided to emphasise our cook with kids posts on the blog and Pinterest rather than Instagram. 

It’s never easy growing a following on any social media but here are some tips of things I’ve done in the past few months to help grow my following and engagement on Instagram. 

Instagram Hashtags

I went to an event where I was told the optimum number of hash tags to use is 15. However after reading and talking to others, I heard the optimum hashtag is 30 tags per post. I like to use 30 tags and make the most of hashtag options. 

I looked at other Instagram users that share similar images to my own and created a list of hashtags which I thought would be most relevant. 

You can put a hashtag into the search bar and look up others using the same tag. This means you can find people interested in the same niche as yourself and will also tell you how many people use that hashtag.

It’s good to have a mix of hashtags with a large number and lower number of users. 

Instagram Engagement

It’s really important to take time to engage with others on Instagram. I could simply post a picture each day and leave it at that. However if you want to grow and want people to return to your feed regular it’s best to engage genuinely.

If I see an image I really love I am inclined to like it. I also actively make an effort to comment on the pictures I like the best. 

If I find an Instagram feed which I really love, I will follow it. The Instagram user will not always follow back but if I like and heart a few posts, this may get the attention of the Instagram user and I may get some likes back. This could lead to them checking out my feed and deciding to follow me. If people don’t find your feed they cant make a decision to follow or not. 

Instagram Support and Comment Groups

Now a few months ago I found out about Instagram comment groups. Some may assume a comment group is simply a way of exchanging comments with other Instagram users but the value of a comment group can be seriously underestimated. 

When you join a comment group of similar niche Instagram users, you automatically find people who have similar interests. 

For example I love sharing pictures of my daughter and likewise I love to see the pictures of other children. It makes me happy to see little Children having fun and enjoying life. 

I’ve found that through joining a comment group, I have a number of Instagram feeds which I now love and really enjoy engaging with. It’s great to see pictures every day and to follow specific feeds. This has lead to engagement with the same bloggers on other social media and via my blog. 

Another major advantage to a comment group is the private comment area where we can chat about Instagram strategies, growth, engagement and how to improve. For example we may have conversations about hashtag use or how to grow and this can be really useful for learning and education. I think the support in a comment pod has a lot of value.

Instagram Profile 

It’s really important to have the Instagram profile reflect the images and niche your building on Instagram rather than focusing on the fact your a blogger.

For example, before I used to say, I’m a blogger and would add the details which are in the intro of my blog sidebar.

I’ve learnt that my Instagram profile needs to be more specific and focus on the images I am sharing. So now my blog profile has my name and a bullet point list of the type of Instagram pictures I share. Here is my most up to date Instagram Profile. 


To get an idea of a good Instagram profile I am sharing a few examples from 3 Instagram feeds which I love. You can click on the images to visit their Instagram Feeds.

Amy From Amy Treasure 


Aby From YoubabyMeMummy 


Harriet (Yoda and the Babes) From Toby and Roo


All three Instagram users have different profiles which clearly set out what they are about. I use bullet points, Aby users comma’s, Amy uses the forward slash and Harriet uses emoticons. We all get our point across about who we are and our themes on Instagram.

Well, I hope these tips have been useful and they help you to improve your Instagram feed and following. I’d love to hear what you think and any other suggestions.

Angela x



  1. Great post!! I really struggle with my Instagram account. I only have a couple of hundred followers and average at 20-30 likes a photo. I would love to join a comment pod and I know I need to work on my hashtags.

    1. There are lots of facebook groups where bloggers form pods together. You can go on instagram revealed or ask in blogging groups if anyone is in an instagram pod with space. I see them pop up from time to time. Or look for instagram facebook groups. 🙂

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