Google Home Review The Smart Speaker You Will Love

google home review

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Google Home Review The Smart Speaker You Will Love

Today I am sharing my review of the most exciting gadget, the Google Home device, which is essentially a speaker that answers almost any question you have. I must admit I’m not half as much a gadget geek as my husband John but when I saw the Google Home in a local store I was intrigued. I was not going to turn down the chance to review this awesome device when given the opportunity from Google Headquarters.

We received the Google Home device around one month ago so we have had plenty of time to get acquainted and test out this new and exciting product. The Google Home is a smart speaker and we plugged it in leaving the device sitting on our table. I really like the design of the Google Home. It is smart sleek and looks great on the table. You can also purchase and change the colour of the speaker on the bottom of the device for those who want a different look.

It does take a little getting used to and after connecting to our computer and setting the Google Home device up we had a little fun testing it out. Google listens and answers your questions from simple math sums to more complex questions. Google even translates words into other languages for you.

Some of the features which we really like are the ability to listen to the radio and news. My husband just asks google to turn on the news or the radio and he is listening to this in an instant. I like the google alarm. You can ask the google home to set a timer and it will remind you once you reach that time. That would be great for cooking or waiting for your pizza to cook.

google home review

Our Google Home is on the table between the kitchen and dining area and I can ask google for a recipe in an instant. We asked google how to make pancakes and was given a recipe straight away. Google can convert grams to ounces and help work out measurements when in the kitchen. The google home can add items to your shopping list, tell you the plans for your day based on your calendar and answer almost any question.

One thing my daughter has enjoyed using google for is asking google for funny jokes. Sylvia simply says, “hey google, tell me a joke” and she now has a whole new list of jokes which she never previously knew. Sylvia also did a sneaky one and used google to help her with her maths homework. I sat her up the table not realising and when I came back in ten minutes all the answers were written down with no working out. I realised she had asked google, which was pretty impressive but also cheeky. The google home is really quite clever.

Another great thing you can use google for spellings, or as a dictionary. At times Sylvia has asked what a certain word means and it’s simple and easy to ask google. Other ways to use the google device include sending messages to Facebook and Twitter, or asking google to turn smart appliances on and off. We don’t have smart lights or smart curtains but if we did google would turn these on and off, open and shut in a matter of seconds.

I actually like the Google Home device. It is really useful and handy. I think it can help save time and help you to be more productive which is a great thing in this fast paced world we live in. Google Home can be turned off easily and needs to be plugged in at all times to work. I think this is an exciting new product and see it being very helpful in the coming weeks and months. The Google Home has already become a very useful part of our lives and I do think it is good value for money. I’m excited to use the device more and see it improve over the months and years.

Angela x

*We were sent the Google Home with the option to review. All opinions and views are my own.


  1. Ok Google!. haha.. Google really never failed my expectations. All google ideas are just awesome. I think, no one would disagree to that. I will recommend this one to my husband.

    1. It is awesome and the jokes are fun. I love that it can answer questions like what time is it and it’s useful when i am sick and too unwell to get up.

  2. This looks supper cool I have heard about it before and it’s really cool that you get to try it out and have fun with it. There is so much you can do with it and it would be fun for family fun days at home 🙂

  3. If I’m honest I can’t get on board with these, which is terrible cause I love tech but I just feel like these are too much of a fad. Maybe when they’re more developed I’d give them a go.

    1. Some can’t. It reminds me of the iphone and Ipad. They are things which were so foreign to me at first but now are my best friend.

  4. Wow!! What an amazing opportunity to be able to review this! I have my eye on this and am hoping to recieve one for Mother’s Day. Fingers crossed. LOL!

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