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Goodbye Cervical Smear! Hello Gynae Check

Goodbye Cervical Smear! Hello Gynae Check

Revolutionary New Kit for Cervical Cancer Screening 

I’m not sure if you know anyone who has died from Cervical Cancer, or in fact any form of cancer. Sadly for my family in particularly for my husband John, he witnessed the path of destruction caused by Breast Cancer when his loving mother Susan was diagnosed in the 1980’s. John’s mother suffered terribly before her life was tragically taken by the disease, leaving behind three young boys to grow up without their mother.

In today’s society the biggest form of cancer in woman under the age of 35 is Cervical Cancer. Cervical Cancer is often a slow disease process and the good news is that when Cervical Cancer is detected early, 90% of women can survive.

The sad reality however is that many woman are diagnosed too late. In fact every year in the UK, 3,100 women are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, a disease that could have been prevented had these woman had what we know as a “Smear Test”.

Smear Tests are free to all woman in the United Kingdom under the Cervical Cancer National Screening programme, but for many different reasons, many woman fail to get a smear done which is something I understand. There are so many reasons woman fail to have the simple but life saving test done, for example:

Time- Who has time to visit the GP these days? Booking an appointment can often be a pain in the butt. Scheduling an appointment when your working, finding time to get tested without your kids when your a stay at home mum.

Painful Experience– Often a cervical smear can be uncomfortable and painful. Some woman find they bleed after having the cervix scraped and other’s feel pain in the tummy, like a period type pain. Why would you want to go and get tested when it hurts?

Embarrassment– Not all woman are the same and many woman find Pap Smears incredibly embarrassing having to lay back, flop the legs open and let someone put equipment inside your vagina. Even worse when the doctor is male! Yes, the Doctor has seen it all before but for some of us, what’s private is private and smear tests can be embarrassing.

Past Abuse– Some woman may have been sexually abused in the past. Having a smear test might be incredibly difficult for this group of woman and such experiences could cause one to avoid having a smear test done altogether, even when it can save lives.

Chronic illness– Many woman, including myself suffer from Chronic illness and may not have the energy to do much each day. Have you ever heard the term “Spoonies”? A spoonie is an individual who has limited energy- or a limited number of spoons each day. For example I might have 10 spoons of energy, once it’s used up I can’t do anything else. I may use my spoons to get dressed, eat, shower and do basic things that the average healthy person would do with ease.

For someone who is Chronically unwell, attending a smear test at the Doctors could use up energy reserves for not just the day of the test but days to come and so some woman may, despite the importance of a smear test, simply keep putting it off due to poor health.

There are so many reasons Women fail to get tested, including cultural and religious reasons and too many woman are dying of Cervical Cancer when this does not need to happen.

Well here is the great news and this is something that I am truly excited about! I don’t have to have another smear test ever again and neither do you!

Yes- I’m going to shout it from the roof tops and share this great news with everyone! 

This is what I love about medical science and new technology. As of today, Women all over the UK can opt to use GynaeCheck, a revolutionary new medical alternative to the smear test that can be used from the privacy of your own home. The test is medically approved and is all-ready being piloted in some NHS areas.

What is GyaneCheck?

Gynae Check is a new and viable option of testing for the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which causes 99.7% of cervical cancers. The device is a comfortable and slim tool which is inserted into the vagina and collects a fluid sample from the cervix to be tested in a laboratory.

The Gynae Check Test is as effective as a smear test. It has been tested by 30,000 woman across the world and will in the future be the way forward for Cervical cancer screening in the future.


My chance to trial out Gynae Check!

I was given the opportunity to trial a Gynae Check self testing kit myself. The product was delivered via post in discreet packaging. I followed the simple instructions, collected a sample in the privacy of my own home, sent the sample back to the lab via mail and am awaiting the results.

What I honestly loved about Gynae Check was:

Saving time and energy by not going to the GP

I wont have to have another test for two years!

The test was done in the privacy of my own home.

The test did not effect my energy levels as someone with chronic illness.


Gynae Check literally took a few seconds and then it was over. The device is inserted into the vaginal area, the self sampler tool is pre-filled with non-toxic sterile saline. The fluid is squirted into the cervical area and then sucked back into the tiny tube in a matter of seconds. It really is that simple. The sample is then placed into a test tube and sent for testing.

This was my first Cervical cancer screen where I did not bleed due to scraping and I did not feel pain or discomfort for days afterwards.

I truly am excited to be able to share the news of this new and approved medical technology and I encourage all woman everywhere to have a regular smear test and or check out the New GynaeCheck option!

The device is priced at £129 which is much cheaper than a private cervical smear and well worth the money if you don’t want to take part in the current NHS cervical smear screening program. This new and revolutionary option is now available to all woman in the UK over 25 years of age.

To find out more about this New GynaeCheck cervical screening test, visit GynaeHealthUK Online

When I heard about the GynaeCheck Launch, I could not turn down the opportunity to try out this Cervical Cancer Screening option. I’m really pleased I took part. This is one of the reason’s I went to London in August. I attended a GynaeCheck event and had the opportunity to meet with other bloggers (such as Katy- from What Katy Said) and to meet Dr Pixie Mckenna. Together as a group we learned a lot about this revolutionary testing kit and more importantly all about Cervical Cancer.


In two weeks I have the honour of taking part in the Target 100,000 campaign, a campaign to help get 100,000 woman screened to prevent Cervical Cancer. This is something that I feel passionate about and I look forward to sharing what I learnt in London here on the blog.

For now, I am pleased to announce that GynaeHealthUK have offered to provide a free cervical screening test, for two of my loyal readers. If you like the sound of no more smears and would like to trial the GynaeCheck Cervical Screening valued at £129, you can enter the competition below.

Having a free screening would mean no more cervical testing for two years and the results would be sent directly to you and if you so choose to your current GP.

If your a woman aged 25 or over, living in the UK or Ireland you can enter for a chance to try out this free medical testing opportunity.

All entrants need to give a reason, in the comment section why the GynaeCheck test would be great for you. The Giveaway starts today and ends on the 21st September! You have 3 weeks to enter- so what are you waiting for! Go Enter!

Win a Free Cervical Cancer Screening Kit- NO MORE SMEAR TEST! RRP£129

This is truly something I am excited about and I hope you are too! Let’s do our best to stop Cervical Cancer in the UK and around the world!

Angela Milnes xx

This is a collaborative post but something I feel very passionate about. All views are honest and truthful and statistics were provided by GynaeHealthUK. Entrants of the competition must be UK or Irish Residents- Women Over 25  years.

Disclosure: By commenting on this post, you give me the right to share your comments in a future post encouraging women to get screened for Cervical Cancer


    1. Yes- This is exactly why this product can be life changing and life saving. Many woman have bad experiences and it does put them off and as a result 3,100 are being diagnosed with cervical cancer. I hope that this new revolutionary product can help to change things!

      Angela xx

    1. Yes I was curious too! It has been tested by over 30,000 woman and is just as effective as the smear. In fact Pixie McKenna said at the GynaeHealthUK event I attended that she expects this to be the future of cervical screening and as the test is being piloted by the NHS in certain areas- I expect it will eventually be the “in-thing” in the coming years!

      This is big! – Angela xx

  1. This fantastic and long over due! After my first horrendous smear test (I won’t go into details here but it was enough to put me off for life) I vowed I’d never have another one. This sounds like a great option. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. This is a wonderful idea, I find the tests so uncomfortable as I can not relax. So being able to relax in my own home to do one would be brilliant.

    1. These are available to anyone over at GynaehealthUK…and i’m sure they will be available in the future, especially if it works out cheaper for the NHS than performing a regular smear. Like any new medicine- it will take time to roll out but i’m sure it will come in time to everyone!

      Angela x

  3. This sounds fantastic. I’ve been terrified of going to the doctors to be tested. It has just been freaking me out. I know that I will have to go regardless of whether I won this or not.. but this would for sure put me more at ease!

    1. It’s great that you entered the competition Laura. Yes.. it can be a scary thing especially to women who have never been before or had a not so great experience in the past. Good luck to you and thanks for your thoughtful comment. Angela x

  4. We haven’t got this in Australia yet but am waiting for some big changes here in the next couple of years. Seems convenient and easy, my only worry is that cervical screening also allowed for STI screening for at risk groups and this may be a lost opportunity. Hope it makes a difference to detection rates. Mel xx #twinklytuesday

    1. Hi Melanie. This test checks for HPV Virus and STI/Clamydia so anyone using it wont have to worry- it does does the exact same thing as a cervical smear, checking the cells, it’s just the way the cells are extracted that is different. Rather than a scrape, the cells are squirted with saline and collected so it is pain free- the testing results etc is just as effective as a smear. However I can see your concern.

      Angela x

  5. This would be great for me as I have extremely erratic periods which can last days, weeks or months and the gaps between can also be days, weeks or months so booking an appointment in advance can be hit or miss.

    1. It sure would. Fitting an everyday smear between irregular periods can make booking an appointment very hard. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂 angela x

  6. this is an amazing idea and can save so many people going out when not needed and make things easier for a lot of people.

  7. Wow that sounds like a good advancement for so many of us ladies who struggle with smear testing anyway and for even more who find everything smear testings entails extremely
    exacerbated by chronic pain conditions! My personal circumstances are having suffered with endometriosis, fibroids, poly cystic ovaries syndrome and as a consequence infertility….so I literally flinch at the prospect of any internal investigation let alone the torture devices of necessity for opening dreadfully tender area to enable smears, no matter how “small” the speculums or how “gentle” the scraping of delicate tissues, fragile skin, tender cells that are never “simply” “routine” smears! :O The adhesions and scarring I suffer from are obviously worse due to EDS but not always the case, but anyone going through the specific journey of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions find sadly similarly, the dreadful attitude of far too many supposedly “caring” health professionals is almost unbelievable…… when trying to explain to unfeeling, unsympathetic, inconsiderate and more often than not IMO even cynical, disbelieving and scarily at times (personally experienced 1st hand), such appalling horrendously, harsh hands….. just how extremely sensitive these tender intimate regions may be and yet manage to make them tearfully raw even torn, damaged, ripped tissue, even to cause lasting bleeding…..all further adding to her unique torture and prolonging the obviously traumatic ordeal.
    I know others with equally awful examples of their own traumatic experiences, and many like me who can no longer endure it, unless actually risking being under general anaesthetic or strong sedatives, all in order to remain proactive and vigilant thus aware of any potential risks of abnormal changes within our own bodies….all so as to avoid any increased risk of being too late to deal with, the unfortunately too often, horrific and life threatening scenarios.
    If this new process is successfully proven as effective and approved for diagnostic investigation, then I would try to be one of the first to request to try for myself. Sign me up now please 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comments Julia. The good news is the gynaecheck has been tested on thousands of women and proven effective. Good luck with your entry into the competition. It is women like us who really will benefit from this!

      angela x

  8. This is a great idea but i just feel it shouldn’t be so expensive. I know its free on nhs but its still a life saving device. For people who are scared of doctors but dont have a lot of money may resort to not having it done at all. I think its a good idea though generally x

    1. It does sound expensive, however if you work it out over a three year period it is only 11p a day. However, I do understand what your saying as £129 is a lot of money to pay out in one go- especially if your struggling financially or chronically unwell and on a tight budget. However, this is an alternative option and the smear test is of course free on the NHS. Women may avoid having a smear because they are scared but hopefully by spreading awareness about the importance of cervical screening and cancer prevention, more women will attend the doctor and get checked at the right time and less mothers and daughters will suffer from Cervical cancer in the future! That is the aim! Angela x

  9. I have never had a smear,I’m too scared and embarrassed,this sounds ideal for me.I’ll be 44 this year so I really should have a test.

    1. Oh Melanie….this would be ideal for you. Please do get a cervical screening soon…. 3,100 women get cancer each year in the UK and a smear or this new test could prevent this! Good luck with your health and future and thanks for commenting. Angela x

  10. I too hate smear tests and haven’t had one for 20 years (bad me) because i just can’t face it. I would love to try this!

    1. I understand how you feel..but please do go and get a test done- either way. 20 years is a long time and it could protect you from developing Cervical cancer. Angela xx

  11. This is such a fab idea, such a shame it can’t be made free on the NHS asap as I’m sure so many women would prefer this, could really save so many lives. I dread the thought of a smear from long before I’m due to have one so this would take all the fear away. xo

  12. ohmy! no more visits to the surgery, this is brill. I hate the tension, embarresment, the lack of dignity that a smear test brings, this is the best news ever!

  13. This is such an amazing idea!! I had a really bad experience with one of my smears afew years ago. .The nurse was in a hurry and was rushing about and really hurt me . She realised how rough she had been and apoligised but it has really put me off. . Im actually overdue on my smear by afew months so that would be great to win x

    1. Thanks Michelle. They can hurt some people and unfortunetly a bad experience can like you say put people off whcih is not good for preventing cervical cancer. Angela x

  14. What a fab idea, trying to line up your appointment with your cycle when your cycles are become haywire and unpredictable is as brilliant idea.

  15. I was supposed to go for my first cervical screening last year but were to embarrassed, i know i should go but keep putting it off. This would be great for me 🙂

    1. Ooh hopefully my post can help you to get on top of your test! These can be life saving. Prevention is surely better than cure and Early Detection saves lives. Thanks for stopping by. Angela x

  16. As someone who has a medical condition that makes smears very painful during and after, anything that makes it not such a daunting experience I’m all for

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