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Globenfeld Super Sport Black Watch Review

My dad’s birthday is coming up next week and I have the perfect gift to give him, a Globenfeld Super Sport Watch. My dad does not live nearby, in fact he is overseas in New Zealand and I miss him like crazy. I’ve never given my dad a really great gift, it’s always been a chocolate bar or something small but this watch is perfect and I know he will love it.


The Globenfeld Super Sport watch is really quite stunning. With a sleek athletic design, the Globenfeld watch has a stunning dial framed within a contrasting trachymeter. The watch hands are arrows and made from steel. There are 3 dialled windows and this creates a classy and look. I know my dad is going to love this.

The Globenfeld watch is really unique and has simple an easy to adjust metal band. The watch is rather heavy and is suited for a man with a larger build like my dad. This designer watch is waterproof and the crystal glass is scratch resistant which is great for someone like my dad as he is often in the yard, or tool shed making something new.

I really like this watch. I love to colours and the red numbers stand out against the black background. The watch is great for using anywhere including the gym or while at work.

This watch is a limited edition Globenfeld watch which makes it extra special. I love this timepiece and my dad is going to be so thrilled when he get’s his new watch. The watch is guaranteed for 5 years and can be purchased on Amazon for approximately £59.99.


*I was sent this watch for the purpose of review.