Glitter Pot Rainbow Craft for Kids

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Mini Glitter Rainbow Craft For Kids

When I was a little girl I was in the play The Wizard of Oz. It’s been over 28 years but I remember the songs perfectly. My favourite song from the show was somewhere over the rainbow.

Rainbows are beautiful and I love that a rainbow comes after the rain. I kind of relate that to myself. I have had some really tough times in life but the rainbow sure does appear in the end.

Today we have a fantastic and easy rainbow craft. It’s pretty simple and fun and one the kids will love.

This is a great activity for young children and a great way to teach the colours, get creative and have fun crafting. Enjoy.

Supplies for This Clay Pot Craft

When making clay pot crafts it’s always best to recycle old pots. However if you don’t have any pots at resuse you can buy them pretty cheap online.


supplies for this rainbow craft

How to Make Rainbow Clay Pot Crafts

Holding the clay pot with your fingers inside, sprinkle some glitter onto the glue on the pot with your other hand.

adding glue to terracotta pot

Continue to paint the glue on the pot and sprinkle the glitter on the glue until the entire pot is covered in a layer of glitter.

adding red glitter to terracotta pot

Repeat steps 1-3 with the rest of your clay pots and glitter colours.

rainbow glitter teracotta pots

Let your rainbow flower pots dry completely, and then knock the bottom of the pots together gently over the rubbish bin or a paper plate to remove any excess glitter.

adding gold to the pots

Fill each of the mini glitter pots with plastic gold coins to create a colourful display.

supplies for this rainbow craft

Your glitter clay pot crafts are now ready to display! Don’t forget to use this as an opportunity to teach children about color and the rainbow!

supplies for this rainbow craft

Alligator Cupcakes Super Fun Cupcake Ideas

crocodile book and reptile activitiies

and easy to make Alligator cupcakes. This is a tasty and easy part idea for kids.

Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


1. Frost the cupcakes with layer chocolate frosting.

2. From the bubble gum sprinkles, pick out about 24 white pieces and cut them in half diagonally so you have about 48 little triangle teeth.

3. Turn the cones upside down and put a thin line of white frosting across the middle of the bottom of the cone. Extend the line of frosting over each side of the cone about an inch. Stick 7-8 teeth in a line onto the frosting line making sure the points of the gum are facing out to look like sharp teeth. Repeat this with all the cones.

4. Now lay the cones down on their side and use frosting to stick 2 round eyeballs on the top rim of each cone. 

5. Place an alligator cone on top of each cupcake so it looks like the alligator head is coming up out of the muddy water.

6. Fun cupcakes for a zoo or animal themed party!

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