A Girls Christmas Outfit My Sunday Style

Welcome back to another week of My Sunday Style. This week has been a very quiet one with my hubby having a spout of flu and then my own illness and hospital adventure. By the end of the week we managed to finally sit down on Friday night, decorate the living room and Christmas Tree and chill out to a christmas movie.

Today Sylvia had a non uniform day at school. Once in a while the kids trade uniform for a gift from home to be used in a fund raising raffle, harvest festival or school fair. Today Sylvia chose Christmas outfit from Next.

A Girls Christmas Outfit

She put on a warm white polo top and plain blue leggings. She then wore a gorgeous flowery top/dress which poofs out at the bottom. Sylva chose to wear her black school boots.

A Girls Christmas Outfit

We finished off the outfit with a lovely sparkly Red cardigan which added to the Christmassy feel. I thought Sylvia looked great and her clothing were a hit in the classroom.

A Girls Christmas Outfit

Sylvia has a Christmas School Party coming up shortly so we have to find another outfit for School. It’s really quite fun to do. I wonder what we can throw together to create something lovely like this.

Angela x


  1. A lovely, colourful outfit, which Sylvia models beautifully. Our boys’ school didn’t go quite as far as non-uniform but they did have a bobble hat day on Friday, which was suitable festive.

  2. I use to dread non uniform day at school!! However Sylvia looks fab in her outfit. I really like the dress and the fact that it can be layered for this time of year. The Cardie is by far my favourite. Red really suits her xx

    1. Me too! The other kids always had cool clothes. I do and I don’t like non uniform as it can create differences- especially as some kids have nicer clothes than others but then its a nice opportunity for my child to be unique and creative.

  3. What a lovely outfit! when I was that age I refused dresses – much to my mothers disaproval – maybe it was her taste that put me off! :p love them now though! thanks for sharing #AnythingGoes

  4. Lovely outfit, I love the dress. Sylvia has some serious style 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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