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A Girls Bedroom Interior Ideas and Plans

Bedroom Design

Well, over the past few months we have been making little improvements to the look and feel of the home, especially my bedroom and now it is time to start thinking about my 7 years old daughter Sylvia’s room.

John and I are hoping in the near future to move house and so I don’t want to decorate Sylvia’s room until we get to our new house. When I do, I have some amazing plans and ideas and

Firstly I would really like to decorate the walls. I’ve seen the most amazing wallpaper at Laura Ashley. It’s flamingo wallpaper and I fell in love with this last year. I’d like to paint two walls creamy white and then have the flamingo paper on the other walls.


For flooring I would have laminate boards and then find a gorgeous big pink rug to go over it. We have over the last two years collected the drawers for Sylvia’s room. They are white Malm drawers from Ikea and last month she got her first wardrobe for her dresses, which is also white.

stuva wardrobe

The only furniture change we would do really is a bed. Currently Sylvia has a double bed in her room. Her old bed broke and she is for now using our old double bed. When we do up Sylvia’s room, I’d like to buy her a brand new single bed.

I’m not sure what kind of bed I would go for this time. Sylvia has said she’d like bunks but then she also likes the idea of a princess style bed. I’d also like one which could last into my daughter’s teenage years. If we went for a bunk bed, I’d probably go for a bunk like the Novaro Trio Bunk Bed.


But if it was a single bed, I’d rather have something quirky like Parisot Ella Single Bed which has a book shelf at the headboard.


Sylvia on the other hand would love the Princess Carriage Bed

princess bed

Image from BedzRus

I’m not sure what bed we will buy when the time comes but I’m leaning more towards the bunks. Lastly to finish the room, I’d buy a really pretty light shade. I think i’d go for a mini chandelier, or a bird cage style shade, one that is white or glass and really pretty.

How would you design your child’s room?

Which of these beds would you choose?

Angela x