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Lovely Gifts From Red Candy To Cheer Us Up

It’s always great to give a gift to someone on a special occasion. In fact, it’s sometimes nice to just treat yourself and that’s exactly what me and my daughter Sylvia did this week.

We’ve had a tough time especially after losing our grandfather last week and choosing a little gift from Red Candy has helped cheer us up.

I often misplace my rings or put them down on the drawers but now I have a lovely swan to hang my rings on when needed and I really do love it.

The Origami Swan Ring Holder

The Origami Swan ring holder is a great quirky gift and looks great on my dressing table.

The swan is made from cast metal chrome and this could be a great gift for a loved one, as a valentines gift, birthday present or anniversary gift. The Swan retails for £8.75

Sylvia ordered an Orange Fox Mini LED lamp. Sylvia has been asking for a lamp for her bedroom and what I love about this lamp is that it can be charged up via USB and then moved around.

It does not have to be plugged into the wall continuously.

The Orange Fox Mini LED Lamp

Sylvia loves her new fox lamp. Red Candy sell a range of lamps and we chose the mini one as it was only £10.99 and just the right size to give her a little light in the bedroom at night.

This Orange Fox Mini LED Lamp is really cute and a great gift for an animal lover.

You also have the option of using batteries instead of an USB charger which is always good.

The Umbra Hangit Photo Display

The third item we ordered from Red Candy is a super cute wooden hang it photo display.

This is a piece of wood which has pegs and string fro hanging family photos or post cards and we are planning to fill out photo display with photos including pictures of our grandpa.

The photo display contains five rows of ‘clothes lines’ enclosed in a natural wood frame. We are looking forward to pegging our photos, mementos and quotes using the forty wooden clips include.

The Hangit photo display is less structured than classic photo frame style displays and we are really excited to create our own style display.

It’s going to be a project for family night and then we can hang our frame up in the hallway.

The Hangit Photo display costs £19 and 75 by 66 cm. I really like it and am excited to get it all set up.

We are pleased to share with you our little gifts and enjoyed searching the Red Candy site for items we could use in our home. Why not take a look and see what you like.

Angela and Sylvia.

*We were gifted the items as part of this blog post*

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