A Gift For My Dad From BooHooMan


My parents live in New Zealand but have been on holiday in the UK for the past 14 months. It’s been wonderful seeing them every few weeks and having my daughter finally get to know her grandparents. I’m just a little sad I wasn’t well enough to see them more than I did, however I will cherish the memories we have made for a life time.

Before Dad returns to New Zealand on Monday I wanted to give him something nice. It was perfect timing really. I was contacted by boohooMan and asked if I would like to receive some items from the men’s Big & Tall range.


Well, this was the perfect chance to get my dad some lovely tops which he can take home with him to wear in the coming months. In fact I ordered some XL tops for my dad and some 3XL tops for my brother in New Zealand. It is always nice to send new clothing to my family over there and so mum and dad have packed some fantastic new t-shirts in their suitcase all ready for the journey home on Monday.

BoohooMAN launched their first full range of Big & Tall clothing recently and it is a great place to visit online and a place where you can get clothing for men of all ages and most sizes. They currently go up to 4XL which is fantastic.

In New Zealand extra large men’s clothing can be really expensive, and much more heavy on the wallet than here in the UK. In fact I am glad I was able to find some sale items from the BoohooMAN Big & Tall range for my brother as I know it’s not always easy to find good quality, nice and affordable items to wear.

It was perfect timing to be gifted menswear from the new collection and my dad loves his new blue top from the big and tall range.

I think it’s great that there is so much variety in the UK and although I miss New Zealand like crazy and my family, being able to source good quality affordable clothing for women and men in the UK is one of the positives to living here.

Have you seen the BoohooMAN Big & Tall range. There are plenty of items to choose from.

Angela x


*We were gifted items in return for this blog post.


  1. This is a great post! My Dad is SO hard to shop for! He is so simple and I always stress out when his birthday or holidays roll around and I have to think of a gift to give him!

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