Get Your Kids Swimming!

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Every single parent who has little kids knows the difficulties in trying to keep up with the expectations set for them. They are expected to go to the after school clubs and bake sales. The kids are expected to get excellent grades at school, keep up with homework AND enjoy extra-curricular activities. It’s a lot, and it’s vital that parents do all they can to make sure that their children become well-rounded, happy adults. One of the best ways to do that is to take your kids swimming!

Swimming is one of the biggest, best skills that you can give any child and as a parent, you’re going to need to make sure that you find the best swimming classes that you can for your kids.

One day, your kids will thank you because they will be able to book water sports options with places like Sunshine Destin and they’ll enjoy every single second of it.

Swimming is a life skill, especially if you live by the water, but you need to think about it as something your children will benefit from in the first place. Let’s take a look at every single reason you should get your kids swimming as soon as possible.


Did you know that the second leading cause of death in young children up to 14 is drowning? If your children know how to swim, they won’t have to be a part of this statistic, and you might not think that they need to learn, but they do.

Water is everywhere, from the pond in the park you might not know is there, to the bath water they need to learn how to climb out of. When you go to the pool, you want to know that they have every tool they need to play safely and confidently.

It’s Low Impact

Swimming is one of the sports that give your kids a great workout while being low impact. They’re not going to damage their growing joints by pounding the pavement; running and swimming allows them to move their bodies in a way that’s less likely to injure them, too.

They Learn Teamwork

Swimming as a class requires teamwork and your children are going to learn it very quickly. Kids love to work within a team, and the way they learn to work together is a skill that will carry them right through life.

Most kids get to college and end up choosing sports because they love the teamwork aspect. Swimming is individual, though, as while they learn to work as a team there is a competitive edge to it, allowing your children to achieve as individuals, too.

They Learn Time Management

When kids learn to swim long distances in competitive swimming, they learn how to manage their time with your help. They’re better able to use their free time properly and practice swimming correctly.

You can get your kids practicing swimming regularly and this will help them to learn their own timetables and routines. It’s a skill that they’ll hold for the rest of their lives, and it’s one of the talents that swimmers learn particularly early.

Swimming Makes Your Kids Feel Good

Not only is swimming competitive enough to make your children feel like they’re achieving something, it’s an incredible way to ensure that your children feel good. Swimming involves movement and moving multiple muscle groups in a high-intensity cardio workout means that they are going to be able to move their bodies and feel healthier while learning something great.

Swimmers learn resistance training and a challenging workout all at once. It’s not just a weight loss tool and where children are concerned, it’s not necessary as a weight loss tool either.

You want to promote a healthy life to your children, and you can ensure that they hop into a pool at any time to help them to get the workout they need.

If you have teenagers and they are looking for an outlet, swimming provides that for them. It’s why it is an excellent method for mental health help.

Muscle memory

When you are learning to swim, your muscles remember the movements and how to be in the water. It’s the same way when they learn to ride a bike: once they know, they know! If your children know how to swim from a young age, it’s a skill that won’t be leaving them any time soon.

The quality of life that your children will have because they learned to swim is much better, and they’ll rely on those skills in later life when they’re older and more infirm, or if they have an injury and need a way to exercise. 

Swimming Is Fun

Burning off a ton of adrenaline isn’t the easiest thing to do for kids, not in a way that’s fun, anyway. Running around and going to the park is fun, but swimming and splashing give kids a feeling of weightlessness, and it’s this where the fun comes from.

When children get to splash, they can deep dive to find rings, swim in rubber dinghies and when they know how to swim, taking them to a water park isn’t  out of the question either.

Children can have a lot of fun when they choose to go swimming with their parents and you get to be the driving force to help them in their learning while they swim.

Children learning to swim is an essential in life. It’s a way to be safe by any body of water and education is power for your children. Introducing them to water early can also help them to avoid a fear of water. This is a skill that will last them for their whole lives, and you will be able to support them in their skill building, too. You’ll be there to help improve their overall mental and physical health, and they’ll fall in love with a sport that will last them for a long time. 

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