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Snapping candid photos of your kids’ antics is really quite easy, and undoubtedly there’ll be tons of cute little moments that you manage to capture on an impromptu basis. However getting your kids to sit down or stay still for a shot is another story altogether, and sometimes it may even seem as though they’re doing everything in their power to avoid the camera.

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If you’ve been having trouble getting your kids to stay still for the camera, here’s a few methods that you can try:

Set a fixed place to sit

Children are more likely to stay still if you give them a fixed place to sit – whether it is a chair, stool, rocking horse or even just a mat on the floor. Admittedly your kid may not stay seated there for long, but it should at least last long enough for you to get a few snaps in.

Give them something to play with

Another way to encourage a child to stay still in one spot is to give them something to play with, such as their favourite toy or stuffed animal. Having a toy normally distracts kids and they are likely to spend a little while playing with it. Of course this means they will be focused on it, and so you’ll have to grab their attention if you want them to look at the camera for the shot.

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Get your kids to mimic you

Rather than trying to tell your kids to sit in place or pose a certain way – show them what to do. By posing yourself then asking your kids to do the same you could turn it into a game of sorts – which works particularly well with funny faces or poses. While they’re playing along, you could get all the photos you need.

Show them the photos that you’re taking

Although this may not work all the time, it can help sometimes to show your kids the photos that you’re taking, and make suggestions on how they could make it look better. It would be good to also let them have some input, and make suggestions regarding the photos that they’d like to take.

Of course no matter how hard you try, the photos that you snap may not turn out perfectly. That is where using photo editing software such as Movavi Photo Editor can help tremendously to tweak and improve your photos after the fact.

camera photo editing

Due to how user-friendly and intuitive it is you should have no trouble editing your photos with Movavi Photo Editor. In fact you will find that you’re able to not only enhance their quality and fix any issues, but can also apply filters, remove unwanted objects, add captions, and much more.

In a nutshell Movavi Photo Editor will let you ensure that the photos that you snap of your kids look great. Add to that the fact that you should now able to get them to keep still at least sometimes, and you should definitely end up with better photos.