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Updating My Family History Skills With A Geneology Diploma

One of my all time favourite hobbies is researching family history and doing geneology. My mum has always been into family tree research and so I began learning how to research family history as a young age.

Geneology Diploma

I recall helping transcribe the 1981 census back when I was young. I would have been around 10 years old at the time and I really enjoyed filling in the data from the census sheets onto the computer.

Over the years I’ve learnt more and worked on building my family tree. I have also helped others and worked in a family history and geneology centre. It’s something I love and something that I get excited about.

So, when I was contacted by NCC Home Learning and given the opportunity to complete a diploma in geneology, I was super excited. I do know quite a bit but there is always more to learn and so I signed up and started the course modules this week.

I plan to write a review at the end of the Diploma in Geneology and let you know what I think. It’s going to take a while as I’m not rushing. I want to take everything in and absorb as much information as I can.

This week I learnt how to research the origins or a surname and find where they came from. I looked up my husband’s surname and although he always thought it might have come from Scotland, there were no Milnes living in Scotland in the early census records. The Milnes family originates from West Yorkshire which is exactly where my husband grew up.

It’s all so interesting and I look forward to sharing more once I complete my Diploma.

Angela x

*Completing this Diploma is part of a review I agreed to at a later date.