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Gazillion Bubbles Crazy Wands Review

Did you love bubbles when you were a child? I sure did and I remember getting bubbles in a party bag at my friend’s 8th birthday. I still love bubbles as does my daughter and when given the opportunity to a review a range of Gazillion Bubbles Crazy Wands we were really excited.

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Gazillion Bubbles is the premium bubble brand that gives bubble fans the ultimate bubble experience! With spring just around the corner we popped down to the local reserve to test out the crazy wands and we sure had fun. 
Gazillion Crazy Wands retail for £3.99 and come in 3 different designs. The first design is the Crazy Wands Bunny Teeth and Tongue.
The second pack is the Wands Moustache & Lips and the third the Crazy Wands Vampire and Monster Set.
Sylvia really enjoyed testing out all the bubble wands but her favourite was the Bunny teeth wand. It had two circles and made blowing bubbles pretty easy.
The moustache wand was the more difficult wand to get bubbles from however when we changed directions and blew with the wind the bubbles came fast.
We really had fun blowing bubbles. The packaging has two wands, a dipping tray and plenty of bubbles and even after a good ten minutes of bubble fun, we still had plenty of bubbles left.
I think this is a fun gift idea for kids and it’s going to be great getting out into the garden during the spring and summer months and having more fun with these fantastic bubble wands.
They are available for purchase on Amazon and in store at Asda.

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